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The export of children's shoes should prevent the plasticizer acetophenone from exceeding the standard

recently, a batch of children's slippers made of EVA exported to Germany by an import and export company were seized and confiscated by the German customs because acetophenon (English name acetophenon) exceeded the standard, causing serious losses

acetophenone is the simplest aromatic ketone, which is mainly used in making soap and cigarettes. It can also be used as a solvent for cellulose ether, cellulose ester and resin, as well as a plasticizer for plastics. It has hypnosis. According to the relevant provisions of the EU 67/548/eec directive on the classification, packaging and labeling of hazardous substances, acetophenone is identified as one of the toxic and harmful substances. If swallowed by children, it is harmful to the body and irritates the eyes. It has super elasticity and structural robustness of microstructure, and is not allowed to be used in toys and other children's products

since 2007, the European Union rapid warning system for non food products (RApex) has notified EVA puzzle mats and EVA children's shoes produced in China and Malaysia for 9 times that acetophenone exceeded the standard. The data shows that EVA and the reclaimed rubber acetophenone used as filler are more likely to exceed the standard. Relevant enterprises should learn a lesson from it. With the tightening of China's waste paper import policy, enterprises that export EVA and recycled rubber and other materials in children's shoes should pay attention to the improvement of the impact properties of the composite materials prepared by surfacing at room temperature to 1.9 times of the original. Products exported to the European Union, especially Germany, must be tested for the content of acetophenone to prevent unnecessary losses to enterprises due to the excessive acetophenone

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