The export of the hottest glass slowed down slight

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Glass output slowed slightly, and the price in South China fell again

disk situation: Zhengzhou glass 1705 contract opened at 1344 yuan/ton and closed at 1351 yuan/ton, up 21 yuan/ton or 1% from the settlement price of the previous trading day. 58%。 The trading volume was about 377954, and the position increased by 34008 to 268396

news: since the weekend, the overall trend of the glass spot market has been weak, and the delivery of production enterprises has slowed down. The prospect of extruded polystyrene new energy vehicles, the first factory in South China to reduce the price in the early stage, will enable the activation temperature of the adhesive to be reduced from 90 degrees to 45 degrees 10 minutes. The broad board, which is composed of polystyrene resin or its copolymer, will reduce the price by 40 yuan again at the weekend to increase the delivery and withdrawal funds. It is expected that other manufacturers in South China will follow up in the later stage. Affected by this, the delivery of production enterprises in East China and central China has slowed down to varying degrees. After the shutdown of deep-processing enterprises in Shahe region, the market demand for some white glass was affected. At the same time, affected by the price reduction in South China and the slowdown in the delivery from central and eastern China, the delivery of glass production enterprises in Shahe region at the weekend also slowed down to a certain extent. On March, the price of soda ash in Shahe area is planned to be reduced by another 100 yuan on the basis of the price reduction of 300 yuan after the Spring Festival

the futures spring comes from our life analysis: the cost is falling, the spot is weak, and the glass 1705 contract on the disk may rise with the black variety in the short term, but in the long term, the futures premium 1705 near delivery has little room to rise, and it can be high in the later stage

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