The export of the hottest Guangdong tire continued

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The export of Guangdong tires continued to increase, and a variety was subject to special protection cases, which fell by more than 90%

in 2010, the project leader hired by the company was Tian Zixue, a representative director of MTDO company who started from a design point of view to solve business problems for many enterprises. In the first quarter, Guangdong exported 10.14 million new pneumatic rubber tires (hereinafter referred to as tires), an increase of 17.3% over the same period last year (the same below). Due to the shrinking export to the U.S. market, the export of new type rubber tires for construction plummeted by 99.8% in the first quarter of this year

data show that in the first quarter, affected by the U.S. tire warranty case, Guangdong exported 2.986 million tires to the United States, a decrease of 14.1%; Exports to the EU reached 1.812 million, up 5.5 percent; Exports to Hong Kong were 1046000, an increase of 49.2%. The above three accounted for 57.6% of Guangdong's total tire exports in the same period. In the same period, the exports to Africa and Latin America were 1825000 and 841000, an increase of 19% and 1.8 times respectively, accounting for 26.3% of the total tire exports of Guangdong in the same period

it plays an important role in guiding the development of the industry, enhancing industry self-discipline, improving technical level, enhancing international exchange, expanding utilization cooperation, expanding publicity and promotion, etc. it is understood that the export of the second largest variety of export volume in the same period last year - the new type rubber tire for construction with rim size not exceeding 61 cm plummeted. In the first quarter of this year, only 2839 pieces were exported, a sharp drop of 99.8%, mainly caused by the contraction of exports to the U.S. market

according to the analysis of Guangzhou Customs, the current international market is complex and changeable 3 The tortuous process needs to be carried out in a stable movement. The economic situation is not clear enough, and the development of China's tire industry is facing the sluggish demand of the international tire market; The international trade environment has further deteriorated; The price of raw materials rose sharply; Pressure from multinational tire enterprises to increase investment in China

Guangzhou Customs suggested that due to the low entry threshold of China's tire industry, blind investment and low-level repeated construction, the concentration of the tire industry is low, too scattered, and the market competitiveness is weak. At present, the market share of the top 10 companies in the domestic tire industry is only about 30%. China should strengthen efforts to eliminate backward production capacity and encourage mergers and acquisitions in the industry; Enterprises should protect their rights through litigation, actively carry out "anti special protection" under the relevant WTO rules, safeguard the interests of the domestic tire industry and minimize losses

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