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The export of LED lighting products exceeded US $21billion, and Ericsson/sunshine/Debang ranked in the top three

in recent years, China has gradually become the main base of the global LED industry. For Chinese led enterprises, achieving the expansion and occupation of the global market is the "ultimate goal". Therefore, under the guidance of relevant strategies such as the "the Belt and Road", Chinese enterprises continue to march into overseas markets, and Chinese LED products quickly go out of China and into the world

ggii statistics show that in 2017, China's total exports of LED lighting products were about US $21.958 billion, a year-on-year increase of 38%, and the number of exports was about 16.886 billion, a year-on-year increase of 23%

however, the Sino US trade war that broke out in 2018 led to great changes in the international trade environment, and many countries, including the United States, began to restrict China's exports. Last year, major export manufacturers including sunshine lighting and Debon lighting increased their efforts to explore the domestic market, which also restricted the export of China's LED lighting products to a certain extent

according to the statistics of the "monthly monitoring report on China's LED lighting products export in", published by GGII, the total export volume of China's LED lighting products in 2018 was about US $21.042 billion, a year-on-year decrease of 4%, and the export volume was about 13.341 billion, a year-on-year decrease of 21%

the export amount of China's LED lighting products in 2018 (US $100 million)

data source: China Customs, high industry research led Institute (GGII)

according to the statistics of high industry research led Institute (GGII), the total number of China's LED lighting products export enterprises in 2018 was about 15000 (including trading companies and production enterprises), while the total number of China's LED lighting export enterprises in 2017 was about 22000. In just one year, the number of export enterprises fell sharply by about 7000, which fully reflects the gradual intensification of the export situation and the further acceleration of the industry reshuffle process

according to the data, the top ten enterprises with export value exported a total of 2.479 billion US dollars, accounting for 12% of the total export value, an increase of 1 percentage point compared with last year. Among them, Ricoh, sunshine lighting and Debon lighting ranked in the top three, while kaiyao lighting, Foshan Lighting, tongshida lighting, qiangling electronics, Longshengda, Shengdi optoelectronics and Shanpu lighting ranked 4-10

the export volume and growth rate of the top ten export enterprises (unit: US $100 million)

among them, the export volume of sunshine lighting in 2018 reached US $467 million, with a year-on-year increase of 1.9%, accounting for 3.58% of the total export volume of all export enterprises. In order to cope with the adverse situations such as the economic situation around the world, the fluctuation of the industry pattern, and the rise in the price of raw materials, sunshine lighting continues to increase its R & D investment and enrich its product categories; At the same time, increase market investment and pay attention to model innovation; Manufacturing innovation, optimize cost control

of course, sunshine lighting also aims at the new opportunities ushered in by the domestic LED lighting industry, and has increased brand investment and channel construction for the domestic market. It is understood that sunshine lighting implements a sales model focusing on distribution in the domestic market, divides the country into seven regions according to the geographical scope, and has set up offices to assist dealers in developing the local market, which is the key technical link of experimental machines

it is worth mentioning that the total export volume of Foshan Lighting, which ranked fifth, reached US $175million last year, with a year-on-year increase of 22.9%, accounting for 1.34% of the total export volume of all export enterprises. The overall performance was eye-catching. A few days ago, Foshan Lighting released a performance forecast for 2018. The company estimated that the net profit attributable to shareholders of Listed Companies in 2018 was 354million yuan -424million yuan, showing a slight increase year-on-year

whether in terms of overall performance or export volume alone, Foshan Lighting has maintained a steady growth. Under the background of the increasing downward pressure on the domestic economy and the Sino US trade war, what is the driving force of the company's growth? Foshan Lighting said that the company accelerated the pace of innovation and development, continued to increase R & D investment, constantly optimized the product structure and customer structure, and improved quality and efficiency by deepening refined management

in terms of export, the company continues to maintain a good and stable cooperative relationship with high-quality customers, further expand its product line, enrich product categories, provide high value-added products, strengthen the ability to serve customers, and maintain the growth trend of customer orders. In addition, we will continue to strengthen customer development, expand customer resources, and provide a source of running water for future business growth

in addition, from the perspective of export destinations, the United States is still the largest single destination for China's LED lighting exports. The total amount of the top ten export enterprises exporting to the U.S. market was $137242 million, accounting for 56.04% of their total export amount

from the perspective of the lighting market in the United States, due to its vast territory and huge population base in terms of equipment, the consumption of LED lighting products in the United States is very considerable. At this stage, most new projects in the United States have adopted LED lighting products, but at present, the penetration rate of LED lighting in the installed lamps in the United States is still relatively low. GGII predicts that the U.S. led lighting market will continue to grow by% in the next five years

it has to be mentioned that the trade negotiations between China and the United States are still ongoing. If the U.S. government imposes a high tax on the previously announced $200billion list, it will bring considerable resistance to the export of China's LED lighting products in the future. According to the data, in addition, the "337 survey" launched by American led enterprises on Chinese enterprises has attracted many large enterprises exporting to the United States. Whether infringement or not, this shows the standard configuration of Chinese enterprise ceramic film 4-point zigzag testing machine: its inferior position in international trade

therefore, for Chinese LED lighting enterprises, they need to do their homework before "going to sea", and establish protection from technology, patents, product quality, brand and other aspects. At the same time, conduct a comprehensive investigation on the competitors in the target market, laws and regulations, etc., to avoid unnecessary disputes

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