The latest market quotation of styrene in the hott

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The latest market quotation of styrene in the Asian market fell sharply by $22.5/ton

the FOB price of styrene in Asia fell by $22.5/ton. The sharp decline of pure benzene and the weakness of crude oil drove the price down, lagging behind the decline of $47.5/ton of pure benzene in Asia. Styrene is in good demand and is made at local prices. Part of the styrene packaging goods shipped in October were traded in South Korea FOB USD/ton, and noble offered the same goods FOB USD 1260/ton. The short-term situation supported the large price difference between styrene and pure benzene. The price of ethylene is still extremely high, 29% higher than that of styrene monomer, which also partially supports styrene. Ethylene prices rose by about $200 per ton last month. Zhangjiagang/Jiangyin in China closed down 100 yuan/ton to 12450 yuan/ton. Most buyers take a wait-and-see attitude and wait for the price to rebound. The manufacturer said that the traders may wait until the price falls to 12000 yuan/ton, so the transaction is very limited. In addition, the metal veneer can further enhance its flame retardant performance, which can only be sold to downstream manufacturers

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