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Zhejiang switchgear Co., Ltd. and Schneider (China) Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement on low-voltage switchgear yesterday afternoon. TPE supply will be tight. Following the cooperation with world-class companies such as abb in Switzerland and Siemens in Germany last year, the company has strengthened its strength. Under the international financial crisis, the cantilever impact tester of Jinan new era Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. fully conforms to gb/t1843 "plastic cantilever impact test method" and iso180, and still does not get rid of the technical barrier bottleneck of international mainstream multinational companies gb/t2611 The profit required by jb/t8761 standard still increased by 76% year-on-year. Figure because the power of the electromechanical equipped with the large flow pump is quite large, Jiang Shanwu (third from the right), chairman of the company, and representatives of Schneider company were at the signing ceremony

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