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Zhejiang Sanhua keeps pace with the market, develops and manufactures a new precise flow control kit

Zhejiang Sanhua keeps pace with the market, develops and manufactures a new precise flow control product, which components does the new product consist of? What are the advantages? What effect can it achieve? In 2017, the cold Expo market line came to Zhejiang Sanhua Intelligent Control Co., Ltd. and had in-depth exchanges with Meng Xinyang, head of Zhejiang Sanhua marketing department

at present, the refrigeration valve market is still dominated by thermal expansion valves, and the development momentum of electronic expansion valves cannot be underestimated. In fact, the trend of electronic expansion valve replacing thermal expansion valve began to appear many years ago. In recent years, the new actions of major enterprises in electronic expansion valve have also been recruited, and the replacement speed is accelerating. Zhejiang Sanhua keeps up with the market and develops and manufactures new precise flow control products. What are the components of the new products? What are the advantages? What effect can it achieve? In 2017, the cold Expo market line came to Zhejiang Sanhua Intelligent Control Co., Ltd. and had in-depth exchanges with Meng Xinyang, head of Zhejiang Sanhua marketing department

research and development of new products: precision flow control kit

through this visit, Sanhua is developing a new product, which is a precision flow control device composed of electronic expansion valve, controller and pressure sensor. "At present, the refrigeration industry is basically still in the thermal expansion valve. Considering the ultimate use of materials, fuzzy control. Electronic expansion valves are generally used in the field of air conditioning, but in fact, electronic expansion valves must be a direction of refrigeration valves in the future. Our product carries out more accurate flow control based on pressure signals and temperature signals."

compared with thermal expansion valve, electronic expansion valve is more advanced and accurate, but at the same time, the cost should be increased compared with the diversification of Jinan gold testing machine. So how can Sanhua persuade customers to accept new products? Meng Xinyang replied: "The cost of this product will indeed increase a little, but its energy efficiency is higher. Maybe the electricity charge in two months can offset the increased cost. Suppose we sell a set of precision control products at 800 yuan, 1000 yuan a month, the original fuzzy control products at 200 yuan, 1200 yuan a month, and the electricity charge will be saved in a few months. Customers can basically accept this price. From the data in the field of air conditioning, electricity The sub expansion valve can save 50% energy at most than the thermal expansion valve, but objectively speaking, the specific energy saving is related to the running time and the compressor. If the frequency conversion compressor is equipped, the energy saving effect can be obvious. In addition, our precision control products are more effective in protecting the compressor, otherwise not only the experiment will not be ideal, because it does not stop. "

at present, Sanhua's precision control suite product has been tested. Meng Xinyang firmly believes that once this product is launched, it can be rolled out quickly and occupy the market strongly

According to Meng Xinyang, head of the marketing department of Sanhua, Zhejiang Province, in the first quarter of this year, the sales of valves in the field of commercial refrigeration and commercial air conditioning in Sanhua, Zhejiang Province increased by about 30%, of which the domestic growth was larger and faster. The larger increase was due to the relatively rapid growth of heat pumps driven by the promotion of "coal to electricity". "Three 'coal to electricity' valves are for household use, and only five or more than seven are for commercial use. From the increase of our commercial valves, we can see the impact of 'coal to electricity' on the increment of the refrigeration market."

according to the current market situation and the prediction of future development, Sanhua commercial refrigeration valve has set a plan of compound growth of 28% for five consecutive years. "Last year was the first year of the development of our commercial refrigeration valves. We re positioned ourselves after modifying the breakpoint ratio value. The company believes that strategic products must be widely spread in the market to achieve a certain market share."

in this regard, Li Yiqiang, chairman of Qianghua information, believes that in order to reach the "three-year plan", Zhejiang Sanhua must first solve the problem of market share. He points out that when Sanhua products can be seen anywhere, the brand influence will be highlighted, so as to gain the right to speak in the market

continue to promote the thermal expansion valve

Meng Xinyang believes that the thermal expansion valve is still dominant in the field of refrigeration for a long time, so Sanhua will continue to develop and promote the thermal expansion valve. In addition, after a year of market cultivation, many customers specify the thermal expansion valve of Sanhua after practical application and comparison, "this surprises us."

"the core technology of the thermal expansion valve is refrigerant filling. The advantages and disadvantages of a product cannot be reflected under high-temperature conditions. To truly measure whether the thermal expansion valve is good or not, it is necessary to examine its refrigerating capacity under low-temperature conditions below -40 degrees. At this time, the gap is obvious." Meng Xinyang said that from the dealers' meeting they held, it was obvious that more new and old customers bought Sanhua thermal expansion valves

now, Zhejiang Sanhua has set up laboratories in Hangzhou and Xinchang, with an investment of more than 100 million in experimental equipment. "After countless experiments, we have proved that Sanhua thermal expansion valve has reached the world-class level."

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(according to refrigeration business information, duxiaofang)

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