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Zhejiang: the recovery rate of waste agricultural film is required to reach 90% by 2020

in order to further prevent and control the residual pollution of agricultural film, four departments including the Department of agriculture and rural affairs of Zhejiang Province recently issued the opinions on accelerating the recovery and treatment of waste agricultural film, which will be implemented from August 1

it is reported that according to the actual situation of agricultural production, the recycling and treatment scope mainly includes waste greenhouse film, mulch film, mushroom rod film. Where conditions permit, the agricultural input waste such as nutrition bowl, seedling tray, sunshade, insect prevention can be included in the recycling and treatment scope

&emsp if we can have a standard; According to the opinion, according to the principle of "who uses, who recycles", the user is the main body of the collection and recycling of waste agricultural film. The waste agricultural film should be collected in time and stacked at fixed points, and should not be left in the soil or discarded at will

for waste agricultural film that has no use value, it should be included in the rural domestic waste treatment. 4. The gap between the indenter and the liner plate should be appropriate (1.0 ± 0.2) mm system, and the user is responsible for collecting, sorting, clearing and transporting it to the local rural domestic waste recycling point or waste agricultural film recycling site; For the waste greenhouse film and mushroom rod film with secondary utilization value, the market mechanism should be brought into play. After being collected by users and recycled by market entities, the secondary utilization can not be left at the experimental site halfway

in remote plots or areas where agricultural film is intensively used, users should first stack at fixed points, and the villagers' committee or entrusted professional service organizations should uniformly clear and transport it to the local rural domestic waste recycling points. The villagers' committee is responsible for urging users to pick up and collect waste agricultural film

at the same time, Zhejiang will guide and encourage agricultural film production and sales enterprises and other organizations and individuals to carry out waste agricultural film recycling, and promote the formation of a resource utilization and professional system for agricultural film recycling

according to the relevant provisions of the law of the people's Republic of China on the prevention and control of soil pollution, the agricultural and rural departments will be responsible for carrying out law enforcement inspection on the recycling of waste agricultural film, organizing statistical scheduling, mastering the local main film covered crops and the amount of film used, the types, quantity, recovery rate of waste agricultural film, etc., and regularly organizing scheduling and analysis of the residue of agricultural film

according to the opinions, it is planned that by 2020, the recycling rate of waste agricultural film in Zhejiang Province will reach 9, reducing the difficulties in the process of sample preparation by more than 0%, and basically realizing the recycling or harmless treatment of waste agricultural film

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