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The knowledge management system of Zhejiang smart expressway was put into operation

recently, the knowledge base system jointly developed by Zhejiang smart Expressway and deep blue sea area was officially launched

Zhejiang smart express customer service center has been in operation for nearly a year, and the overall operation is stable. The connection rate and service quality of 12122 have been significantly improved. However, with the growth of telephone traffic, various consulting businesses are gradually increasing, and customer service personnel need to deal with more and more problems every day, which are more and more complex. In order to further improve the service level and efficiency of customer service personnel, it takes only 8 seconds to complete the process from connecting to connecting. Smart expressway has started to carry out ③ the construction of knowledge management of a structural response spectrum exhibition since the end of 2013

knowledge base system is mainly through the management of employees' personal knowledge, business knowledge, expert knowledge and customer knowledge, through precipitation, summary, refinement and optimization, it finally evolved into reusable organizational knowledge, and through the powerful search function of the system, it can quickly provide users with accurate information. Knowledge base system can help employees sort out their knowledge structure, fully tap the high-quality experience in their minds, and systematically sort out and store scattered knowledge; It provides a system platform for employees to conduct self-study, training and examination; It has changed the traditional mode of employee business training and reduced the operation cost

after nearly half a year of system construction and knowledge sorting, the knowledge base system of Zhejiang smart expressway has covered more than 1000 policies, regulations, common problems and cases of five major types of business, including charging, monitoring, rescue, service area and road violations, providing efficient business support for customer service personnel. In the next step, on the basis of gradually enriching and improving the content of the knowledge base system, we will further expand the function and application scope of the system. On the one hand, we will take the knowledge base system as the support, connect with the intelligent robot platform, and provide a more intelligent service mode for the public. On the other hand, we will gradually open the platform to all companies to provide more powerful business support for managers at all levels

Zhejiang smart Expressway Service Co., Ltd. is a public welfare expressway service company jointly funded and established by three wholly state-owned units, including Zhejiang Provincial Communications Group, Jiaxing transportation investment and Shaoxing transportation investment. The registered capital of the company is 56.505 million yuan. It mainly undertakes the functions of development and construction, system integration, operation and maintenance, improvement and upgrading, and provides professional network services and content services for various departments, scientific research institutions, value-added service providers and the public. Adhere to the innovation of service content on the basis of corporate operation, and improve service quality and efficiency on the basis of serving business departments and public travel. Pay attention. Next, let's learn about the characteristics of paying attention to details when using the cement pressure testing machine? Solve the problems that business units and travelers are concerned about restricting the development of transportation and inconvenient travel, apply the developing science and technology, and constantly study the key problems arising from the current and future highway transportation, so as to improve the prediction ability of traffic events and improve the highway capacity. The service purpose of the company is to build the first professional brand company in the country, which is composed of highway owners, transportation and public security related business departments and serves the public

headquartered in Beijing, deep blue sea has technology, R & D and consulting centers in Shanghai, Chengdu, Shenzhen and Wuhan, and offices in many regions across the country. Deep blue sea is a domestic IT high-tech enterprise specializing in R & D, consulting and services of knowledge management solutions. It has long been focused and committed to promoting the development of knowledge management in China. Deep blue sea area guides the development of knowledge management consulting, system research and development, software implementation, knowledge wealth appreciation and other businesses with its independent and innovative knowledge management worldview of five major modes of human cognition of the world. Deep blue sea has successfully implemented knowledge management systems and provided knowledge management consulting and training services in large and medium-sized enterprises, especially leading enterprises in the telecommunications and financial fields. After years of intensive cultivation in the telecommunications and financial industries, it has established a unique practical system of knowledge management functions, consultation and implementation, which has won the praise of many customers and become the Secretary General unit of the Knowledge Management Federation

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