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Zhejiang stainless steel standard parts

Product Name: drill bits, taps, etc., bolts, nuts, rivets, retaining rings and stainless steel standard parts

Enterprise Name: Hangzhou Chuangming hardware and Electrical Co., Ltd.

contact person: Wang Yan contact:

location: No. 2210, Great Wall electromechanical North District, 338 Desheng Middle Road, Hangzhou

Product Name: ordinary stainless steel standard parts, stainless steel materials, hardware and electrical, labor protection supplies Packaging materials

Enterprise Name: Jiaxing 3D rubber and plastic hardware materials business department

contact: Zheng yourong contact:

location: north side of Zhonghuan South Road, Jiaxing City (International Electric City a)

Product Name: selling copper iron stainless steel standard parts, marble dry hanging parts, glass curtain wall accessories, luxury spring fittings, opening Xiao, self tapping screws Machine screw

Enterprise Name: Jiaxing ideal stainless steel products factory

contact: Yu Jianfeng contact:

location: No. 17, building a29, International Electric City, Nanhu District, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province

Product Name: professional manufacturing and sales of all kinds of copper filter stainless steel standard parts and custom processing of fee standard parts. Main products: inner and outer hexagon, stainless steel, retaining rings, high-strength screws, screws

Enterprise Name: Liqin standard parts screw store

Contact: Mao Liqin contact:

location: Taizhou Luqiao electromechanical hardware second trading area

Product Name: valves, water pumps, pipe pumps, ordinary motors, anti explosion motors such as vacuum insulation boards, motors that are difficult to cut and explode on site, cleaning machines, hydraulic forklifts, transporters Stainless steel standard parts and pipe fittings

Enterprise Name: Jiaxing Dafeng pump valve

contact: Chen Guanglin contact:

location: press the power button on the panel of the dynamometer in building A1 of Jiaxing international electric appliance city to instigate the light to prove that power supply has started. No. 29

Product Name: Hardware Stainless steel standard parts

Enterprise Name: Hangzhou danrong Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.

contact: Yu Guoyun contact:

Setting: Great Wall electromechanical Co., Ltd., No. 388 Desheng Middle Road, can elute with no-load gradient once (is there really a problem?) Market 119 cabinets

Product Name: Zhonghua standard parts Stainless steel standard parts Mold standard parts Bolt. Standard parts factory

Enterprise Name: Hangzhou standard parts series this shop transfer

contact for example: hardware and electrical Hangzhou contact:

location: hardware and electrical Hangzhou City

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