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Rui'an, Zhejiang - China plastic film production base>/P>

Rui'an plastic industry has invested more than 800 million yuan to introduce four biaxially oriented polypropylene film production lines, one four roll reducing roll PVC calendering film production line from Japan, 11 PVC calendering film production lines from Taiwan, China, and 20 domestic famous PVC calendering film production lines. Among the existing equipment, more than 25 have the world advanced level, and 50 have the domestic leading level

Ruian plastic film production enterprises led by Zhejiang Huabin packaging materials Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Huatai Plastic Co., Ltd. have continuously accelerated the adjustment of product structure, improved the technical content and grade of traditional products, and enhanced their market competitiveness; The high-tech, high-grade and high value-added products have increased significantly, the products have been highly praised by users at home and abroad, and the economic benefits of enterprises have been significantly improved. Overall, the quality of 30 products has the world advanced level, and 50 products have the domestic advanced level. We have successively developed new products such as super permeable PVC film, semi-rigid wood grain film, crystal three-dimensional film and buckle film. A large number of provincial statistical data show that the technical level of new products has reached the domestic leading level or filled the domestic gap respectively

information source: China recycled plastics

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