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Zhejiang electric power has entered a strong and intelligent era

in recent years, the demand for electricity in Zhejiang Province has shown sustained and rapid growth, and the growth rate of electricity consumption in the province ranks first in the country. The Zhejiang provincial government has proposed that during the 12th Five Year Plan period, Zhejiang will achieve an average annual GDP growth of about 8%, and take the lead in building a well-off society that benefits the people of the province in an all-round way. The situation of economic and social development provides a rare opportunity for the development of Zhejiang electric power company. It is estimated that the maximum power load in the province will reach 71.65 million KW and the power consumption will reach 418.2 billion kwh in 2015, with an average annual growth of 9.5% and 8.2%

in order to meet the needs of Zhejiang's economic and social development, Zhejiang company takes scientific development as the theme, adheres to the two transformations unswervingly, adheres to the three constructions, leads the scientific development of the company and electricity with innovation, accelerates the construction of strong smart electricity, accelerates the construction of three sets and five systems, and strives to take the lead in basically building a strong, three excellent modern company in the national power company system in about three years

130 billion yuan to build strong electricity

with the in-depth implementation of Zhejiang's new urbanization strategy, the construction of metropolitan areas and urban agglomerations has been accelerated, and the agglomeration and radiation capacity of regional central cities has been further enhanced. The power load in Hangjiahu, Xiaoshao, jinquli and other regions is tight, and the pressure on power security is increasing

in order to enable more customers to use assured high-quality power, Zhejiang electric power company has changed its power development mode, increased power investment, focused on solving the weak problems of UHV and distribution, and strive to initially build an international first-class and domestic leading provincial power in the next five years. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, Zhejiang power invested about 130 billion yuan in a full range, and planned to build a new 500 kV substation to describe the production of 15 kV substations with a capacity of 32.75 million KVA, 138 220 kV substations with a capacity of 46.11 million KVA, and 531 110 kV substations with a capacity of 65.41 million KVA by using less materials

Zhejiang company will link up with the overall urban and rural planning of Zhejiang Province, combine urban infrastructure construction, centralize corridors, optimize layout, and strengthen the intensive construction of power distribution. We will strengthen the ability of power distribution interconnection and mutual supply, and further promote the lifeline project. Further improve the 500 kV backbone, and strive to solve the problems of strong power in the East and weak power in the west, and insufficient mutual supply and standby capacity

Zhejiang UHV power will grow from scratch and form a backbone. It is planned to add 3 UHV AC stations, 2 DC stations, 33 million KVA of new substation capacity (converter station) and 1828 kilometers of lines, so as to realize the pattern of three AC and two DC distribution points, and basically form a 500 kV regional frame with UHV stations as the core

by 2015, Zhejiang will form a UHV three AC and two DC layout and a north-south AC T-shaped backbone, forming a mouth shaped double ring in Northern Zhejiang, a Japanese shaped double ring in Western southern Zhejiang, and a mesh shaped double ring in Eastern southern Zhejiang. A strong main frame that realizes the mutual assistance of water, fire and electricity, AC and DC mutual backup, east-west mutual supply, and North-South interconnection will also prepare the condition structure for the development of the flexible packaging field

realize comprehensive intelligence of electricity

in order to meet the growing demand for electricity, Zhejiang company will comprehensively build strong intelligent electricity with informatization, automation and interaction characteristics in power generation, transmission, transformation, distribution, power consumption, dispatching, communication and other links, realize the optimal allocation of a wider range of energy and power resources, and greatly improve the efficiency of power generation, transmission and consumption, Promote the development and utilization of renewable energy and energy conservation and emission reduction. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, the total investment of Zhejiang electric power intelligent planning is about 21billion yuan

the new substations of Zhejiang electric power will be constructed in accordance with the standards of smart substations. By the end of the 12th Five Year Plan, the scale of smart substations in Zhejiang Province will reach 665, including 18 500 kV smart substations, 145 220 kV smart substations and 502 110 kV smart substations. The state monitoring system of power transmission and transformation equipment has been fully completed, and the monitoring range reaches all intelligent substations in the province, as well as 50% of 500 kV lines, 30% of 220 kV lines, some 110 kV lines and submarine cables

during the 12th Five Year Plan period, the distribution automation system will be further applied in Hangzhou and Ningbo urban areas, and the construction of distribution automation system and distribution regulation integration system will be carried out in all other prefecture level cities in the province and the core areas of counties in 10 developed counties. The pilot application of distributed power access and micro energy storage technology research was carried out in Hangzhou, Ningbo and Wenzhou

by 2015, Zhejiang Province will build 200 electric vehicle charging and discharging power stations and widely separate and clamp them more firmly; With 1500 charging piles equipped with special release paste cloth, electric vehicles can be widely used to replace gasoline and diesel energy consumption and reduce pollutant emissions. Build a provincial, 11 prefecture level and 35 county-level intelligent power dispatching technical support system to realize the unified coordination of provincial, prefecture and county-level dispatching plans. Build standby dispatching control centers at the provincial level and two sub provincial cities of Hangzhou and Ningbo

agriculture is as stable and reliable as cities.

in order to coordinate urban and rural development, the Zhejiang provincial Party committee and the provincial government plan to cultivate 200 central towns. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, Zhejiang strives to develop these central towns into new subjects with concentrated population, new Highlands with industrial agglomeration, new platforms for functional integration, and new carriers with intensive factors in the county. The development and reform of central towns are facing new historical opportunities

in order to ensure a stable and reliable power supply for rural areas in Zhejiang like big cities, Zhejiang company decided to coordinate the investment capacity of the company and county power supply enterprises. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, more than 10billion yuan of funds will be allocated each year for the construction and transformation of power in counties and central towns, with high standards and advanced construction, so as to effectively enhance the power supply capacity of counties and central towns, improve the reliability of power supply, and provide safety Reliable power supply

Zhejiang company proposed that the construction of Central Township electricity should shift from the previous agricultural transformation of spreading the cake to the construction of moderately intensive rural electricity, and guide and promote the layout of urbanization through intensive agriculture. In the construction of power supply in central towns, Zhejiang company actively implements the development idea of intensive agriculture, deeply analyzes and studies the characteristics of social and economic development in each power supply area, grasps the development trend, puts forward differentiated power supply schemes for different needs, and improves the construction standards of power in key areas. In fact, if the e-point sample passes, it will not be able to restore the original state of the intensive development of existing power

in order to scientifically and normatively guide the power construction of central towns, strengthen the connection between central towns and the main power, and meet the requirements of economic and social development, Zhejiang company has organized and compiled the technical guidelines for the construction and transformation of power in central towns of Zhejiang Province, which is used to guide the construction and transformation of 110 kV and below power in central towns of Zhejiang Province. The newly issued technical guidelines are higher than the relevant standards of the power industry on rural power construction in all technical standards. According to the guidelines, all central cities and towns in Zhejiang Province should build 110 kV substations, and realize hand-in-hand interconnection and mutual supply according to the requirements of intelligent power construction, so as to improve the reliability of power supply and power quality

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