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JD cloud innovation space settled in Jiamusi, adding a good helper to regional innovation and development

today, the opening ceremony of JD cloud innovation space (Jiamusi) project was grandly held in Jiamusi e-commerce Industrial Park, which is the first JD cloud innovation space in Northeast China. JD and Jiamusi suburbs will make use of their existing resources and cooperate with each other to provide incubation public support services such as JD cloud service support, entrepreneurship counseling Series training courses, crowdfunding platform, key project marketing resources, accurate user analysis and product definition guidance for mass entrepreneurship and innovation projects in the area, so as to jointly create a good e-commerce innovation and entrepreneurship business, Build JD cloud innovation space (Jiamusi) project into a regional first-class entrepreneurship service brand

Zhongwen, member of the Standing Committee of Jiamusi municipal Party committee and vice mayor, Secretary of the suburban district Party committee, head of the suburban district and other major leaders of the city and district, relevant principals of municipal units and relevant leading teams of JD attended the opening ceremony

at the opening ceremony of JD cloud innovation space (Jiamusi)

the landing of JD cloud innovation space (Jiamusi) is a step forward after JD Group signed the interconnection + strategic cooperation framework agreement with Heilongjiang provincial government, and it is also an active attempt of JD to respond to the national strategy of revitalizing the northeast. JD cloud innovation space will drive product innovation through market demand, integrate resources of all parties, help Northeast China's industrial incubation, drive local industrial innovation and development with Internet +, promote industrial optimization and upgrading and economic transformation of Heilongjiang Province, and improve the level of economic development

gaozhijun, Secretary of the Jiamusi suburban district Party committee, made a speech

gaozhijun, Secretary of the Jiamusi suburban district Party committee, said that today, with the rapid development of Internet + economy, the Jiamusi suburban government fully recognizes the advantageous role of cloud computing, big data, platform economy and other innovative technologies in upgrading traditional industries, and hopes to promote the local Internet + agriculture The incubation, cultivation and development of Internet + e-commerce and other characteristic industries will promote the overall upgrading of the industrial structure

WangXiaoBo, vice president of JD cloud, delivered a speech

WangXiaoBo, vice president of JD cloud, said that Jiamusi cloud innovation space is the first JD cloud innovation space in Northeast China. Facing local government and enterprises, JD cloud outputs JD's technical capabilities in an all-round way, enabling regional entrepreneurship and innovation and new economic development. JD cloud innovation space is positioned at industry incubation, and creatively carries out Internet + incubation business, which will help start-ups more accurately grasp the market and achieve successful marketing of start-up products

Jiamusi, the hinterland of the Sanjiang Plain, is the political, economic, cultural center and transportation hub in the eastern part of Heilongjiang Province. It is a famous rice producing area in China. It is known as the ecological rice city and the hometown of rice in Northeast China. How to make better use of the regional brand resources of Beidahuang to support the mass entrepreneurship and innovation industry is one of the original intentions of the local government and JD. JD cloud will provide Jiamusi with a full range of local services including cloud computing, characteristic incubation resources, JD training resources, etc. in combination with the unique Internet + incubation business model of JD cloud innovation space, JD cloud will integrate advantageous resources, promote the integration of innovative technology and local advantageous industries, improve the height and added value of local industries, and promote the transformation and upgrading of regional industries

mass entrepreneurship and innovation is a major strategy put forward by the state based on the needs of transformation and development and the deep exploration of domestic innovation potential. It is also an area that JD has always paid close attention to. Relying on a variety of high-quality resources and services, has helped enterprises optimize consumption channels and marketing efficiency, promoted mass entrepreneurship and innovation enterprises from project success to enterprise success, and continuously built a user. Due to the particularity of the use of experimental machine fixtures and the continuous emergence of new materials, fixture design has always been in a passive situation. Every day, we encounter a business model with good experience of new materials, low cost and high efficiency, and are committed to working together with start-ups, Embark on the road of Internet + cooperation and innovation

based on the rise of local agricultural products, JD and Jiamusi government have carried out a lot of solid work, and the cooperation between the two sides has achieved initial results. In june2017, Jiamusi suburb and JD cloud reached a battle m) sampling rate: ≥ 50 times/s; Slightly cooperate, and land JD cloud innovation space in Jiamusi e-commerce Industrial Park to provide services such as cloud services, big data, mall docking and project crowdfunding docking, which are more and more widely used in automobile plastics, aerospace plastics, biomedical plastics and plastics for electronic components, so as to help Jiamusi product innovation and promote local product marketing innovation

the JD cloud innovation space (Jiamusi) project was officially put into operation, marking that the cooperation between JD and Jiamusi local governments and enterprises has entered a new stage. Through the incubation of local enterprises and the cultivation of product brands, we can achieve high-quality products and high prices. In the past, we only relied on selling well to enter the market, but turned to doing better, improved the product value chain, and created conditions for people to increase their income

at the opening ceremony, a large number of local characteristic agricultural products of Jiamusi appeared in a concentrated manner, which attracted the attention of all parties. According to the person in charge of the JD cloud innovation space (Jiamusi) project, JD cloud, in combination with JD mall user data, after-sales evaluation and other relevant information, will provide startups with user portrait reports of designated products, including product user preferences, clustering, characteristics and other attribute content, which will help enterprises define products and conduct accurate marketing

since 2017, JD cloud innovation space (Pidu District, Chengdu) project and JD cloud innovation space (Jiamusi) project have been successively implemented, marking the continuous deepening of the practice of characteristic Internet + incubation service integrating multiple advantageous resources. In the future, JD cloud innovation space will be launched in more cities across the country, export characteristic industry incubation mode, and help more enterprises innovate and develop towards success

about JD cloud:

JD cloud () is a comprehensive cloud computing service provider under JD group, with the world's leading cloud computing technology and complete service platform. With the rapid development of Internet +, JD cloud has formed a cloud ecological pattern of the whole industry chain from basic platform construction, business consulting planning, to business platform construction and operation. Meanwhile, relying on JD group's long-term business practices and technical accumulation in cloud computing, big data, IOT and mobile Internet applications, JD cloud has built a socialized cloud service platform to provide safe, professional, stable and convenient cloud computing professional services to the whole society. JD cloud aims to join hands with enterprises to develop synchronously, create a new smooth function and result + Solution of Internet drop oil, and help enterprises realize Internet + business transformation and upgrading

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