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Jiading 10kW diesel generator, air-cooled parallel bar generator

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Jiading 10kW diesel generator, air cooled parallel bar generator product model: to14000et frequency: 50Hz rated voltage: 220/380v rated power: 10kW phase number: single/three-phase starting mode electric starting engine model: kd2v80 fuel type: 0 diesel (summer) -10 diesel (winter) Weight 160 generator remarks: the oil tank volume of the built-in pressurizer is 28L, the noise level is 72 dB, and the continuous working time is 8hrs. The extruder extrudes the molten plastic through the fixed shape extrusion port under the action of the screw (full load). The rated speed is 3000rpm6, and the display is normal, but the load compression ratio is 24:1. The fuel consumption is 210g/h. The overload protection device has engine types: V-type, parallel bar, four stroke, air cooling Direct injection cylinder number - cylinder diameter, stroke mm lubricating oil use sae10w30 (DC grade or above) size (mm) 1010*650*620

three-phase electric 10kW diesel generator quote energy-saving, environmental protection and fuel-saving generator set, and provide the best brand-name generator set, diesel generator set, multi fuel generator set, and engineering machinery and equipment for you to choose and buy. The business covers Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong Macao, Southeast Asia and other dozens of countries and regions. The most favorable price and the best service. The company has a team of skilled and challenging engineers and professionals, who are ready to serve customers at any time. We sincerely welcome the construction units, leasing companies and users from all walks of life to negotiate business. Daze Industrial Co., Ltd. has been baptized by the market for nearly a decade. With the guidance of the national macro-control policy and the healthy development of the market rational consumption trend, the generator industry has gradually entered a new stage characterized by scientific, standardized, large-scale and sustainable development. All enterprises in the industry are facing the severe challenges of market re integration and reshuffle and the rare opportunity to win another breakthrough and development. Adhering to product and technology innovation is the basic guarantee to guide enterprises to overcome difficulties, get out of difficulties and win development. The demand for electricity in economic construction is higher and higher. An hour or minute of power failure will bring unpredictable losses to factories, enterprises and shopping malls. Therefore, as a standby emergency power supply, the diesel generator set is of great use to ensure the basic power demand. At present, there are many brands of diesel generators in the market, and many users do not know how to choose. For ordinary users, they do not know much about the diesel generator set and do not know how to choose it, because it has many brands and different configurations

after sales service:

1. All the machines sold by the company shall be debugged and trained for their operators to use.

2. The machines sold shall enjoy one year of free maintenance and repair service from the date of sale (except for normal wear and tear parts)

3. Provide long-term spare parts and maintenance services after the warranty period

[company name]: brand of Shanghai oubao Industry Co., Ltd. - Daze power

[contact]: Sungong (Manager)

in 2015, the world will have 5million new energy vehicles [sales]: (tel/seat experimental programming machine): () sundengkai520 seat machine:

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[exhibition hall address]: (office add) No. 818, Yecheng Road, Jiading District, Shanghai

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[about after sales]: one year lifetime maintenance of the manufacturer's direct sales warranty national joint warranty

[reason for recommendation]: excellent quality, low fuel consumption, simple operation, considerate service, the best choice for construction, emergency and standby

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