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JD executives: the era of intelligent supply chain is coming, and full scene consumption will become inevitable.

Oriental correspondent zhouweiwei said on March 15 that the 2019 China appliance & Electronics World Expo (hereinafter referred to as awe) is being carried out in the Shanghai New International Expo Center. A theme forum was also held to discuss the future trend of home appliances and consumer electronics

according to the existence of these problems, China's plastic machinery industry can not meet the level of foreign plastic machinery as soon as possible. This year, awe is showing new achievements in home appliances, consumer electronics, smart home, IOT, artificial intelligence, 5g and other fields. At the same time, many guests are planning the future of home appliances and consumer electronics. At the main forum of the exhibition, Yan Xiaobing, senior vice president of JD group and President of 3C electronics and consumer goods retail business group of JD retail group, said when talking about the new retail future that the era of intelligent supply chain has come, and full scene consumption will become inevitable

Yan Xiaobing said that the supply chain is the basic system for the operation of commodity society. With the joint action of IOT, cloud computing, big data, AI Artificial Intelligence and other technologies, and the change of consumption mode and industrial upgrading, the supply chain has become more flexible. In the continuous data cycle, the supply chain system improves its analysis and decision-making ability and becomes more intelligent

"the direct impact of the maturity of intelligent supply chain is to make 'reverse customization' possible." Yan Xiaobing said that the mode of product development with function as the main selling point in the traditional industrial era has fallen behind. In the era of AI big data, products should be developed and produced to meet personalized needs, so as to meet the needs of people in different circles. Through the background AI big data, we clearly feel the changes in the consumption circle. Behind a series of ridicule labels used by young people, such as "Buddhist health preservation, girls in the rice circle, late stage lazy cancer, mining families, rational consumers, fat house happy people", are different circles, aesthetic preferences and product needs of consumers

at present, the common superposition of China's economic transformation period, the transformation period of consumer subjects, and the critical period of consumer awareness transformation, coupled with the rapid development of science and technology worldwide, has jointly promoted the profound changes in "people, goods and market". From the perspective of "people", new consumerism has gradually become the mainstream. People love shopping as well as shopping. Shopping has become a by-product of social interaction, forming a strong circle economy; People pay more attention to consumption experience, and the satisfaction of experience comes from the commodity itself and the whole process of shopping

from the perspective of "goods", commodities are no longer the original commodities. They are becoming more and more symbols. The core is to occupy the top cognition of consumers. Goods are focusing on "quality" at the most basic level, creating "brand", and then pursuing "taste". The highest level is to shape "character"

the change of "field" is more complex. In the era of unbounded retail, the retail market is no longer limited to online or offline, but becomes omnipresent. E-commerce stations, e-commerce apps, o2o apps, physical stores and Xiaocheng new companies should establish the business philosophy of customer first and service first, social networking and other shopping entrances and more and more shopping terminals, so that consumers can have countless shopping scenes

Yan Xiaobing said that in the era of boundless retail, people will become more personalized and diverse, and the boundaries between supply and demand, producers and consumers begin to disappear. Goods will become a collection of goods, services, data and content, a complete solution to consumer demand, and the industrial boundary will begin to disappear. The field will be everywhere, everywhere, everywhere, and familiar with the technical indicators, use methods, and operation specifications of the equipment. The space boundary will begin to disappear. Subsequently, the whole scene consumption becomes inevitable

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