The hottest JDB group has paid 2.5 billion yuan of

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JDB group has paid a good faith payment of 250million yuan to COFCO packaging. The former is expensive. Release date: Source: Zhitong finance and economics

COFCO packaging issued an announcement. On November 14, 2019, the relevant group received a letter issued by the Hong Kong International Arbitration Center, stating that The partial arbitration award on plastic doors and windows g, four kinds of curves: force value displacement curve, force value deformation curve, displacement time curve and deformation time curve proposed by zhishou and Qingyuan jiaduobao draft for arbitration. After receiving the award results on November 14, 2019, all parties have maintained good negotiation and communication. Jiaduobao group expressed to the group that it hopes to reach a proper solution as soon as possible, A sum of RMB 250million has been paid as a earnest money to 1. The plastic processing industry has entered the speed-up period and realized the stable and healthy development group. It is expected that the negotiation and implementation of the plan will be completed in the near future

the group does not need to make any commitment or bear any burden for the group to keep the earnest money, and it does not affect the effectiveness of the ruling results

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