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jec composites Asia exhibition to pay attention to the development of China's composites

news from Shanghai, China. The first JEC International Composites Asia exhibition will be held in Singapore Xinda Exhibition Center from October 22 to 24, 2008. At that time, leading companies in the composite industry in the Asia Pacific region will participate in the exhibition. The theme of this exhibition is the new application and new composite material market. Special attention will be paid to the development achievements of composite material companies in Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. The holding of JEC Asia in 2008 not only reflects the vigorous development of the composite industry in the Asia Pacific region, but also illustrates the outstanding contribution and influence of the Asia Pacific region to the development of the global composite market. Hosted by the Paris based JEC group, the exhibition aims to provide professionals in the composite industry with technical and economic developments in the global composite market. At present, the Asian composite industry accounts for 36% of the global composite industry market output value. In 2006, the global composite industry market value was estimated to be 19billion euros. The composite material industry in the Asia Pacific region is expected to grow at a double-digit rate every year, accounting for half of the output value of the global composite material industry in 10 years. In fact, the number of composite material manufacturers in Asia is growing at an average rate of 20% per year, and the fastest increase is found in rice pot experiments in contaminated soils with cadmium content exceeding 10 times. Specifically, the growth rate of all composite applications in Asia is much higher than that in other regions, including maritime, transportation, consumer products, aviation, wind energy, pipelines and storage tanks, construction and electronic equipment

2008 JEC Asia has been strongly supported by industry-leading manufacturers of raw materials (resin and fiber), processors, machine tools and distributors such as Haining chengrudan, en Liang enterprises and Taiwan electric insulator. The exhibition was also supported by JEC board member companies, including AGY, advanced composites group umeco, Cray Valley, CPC, DSM, Hexcel, Huntsman, menzolit, Owens Corning Vetrotex, porcher industries and Sora

grandes Ecoles, the National University of Singapore and other scientific communities (academic and research institutions) will participate in the exhibition. At the same time, some relevant government agencies in Singapore also support JEC Asia 2008, including a*star (Manufacturing Technology Research Institute), Economic Development Council, Construction Bureau, Singapore Tourism Authority and land transport department

fr D rique MUTEL, President and CEO of JEC, said: many customers and manufacturers in the composite industry have asked us to establish an international platform in Asia, where the composite industry is developing fastest. Because JEC has long been committed to promoting the application of composite materials in the world, especially our remarkable achievements in holding JEC Paris annual exhibition, we have great advantages to help us hold the same successful exhibition in Asia for Asia. They believe that through such a large range and high standard of elites from all walks of life and domestic and foreign exhibitors coming to Ningbo to attend EC Asia, they will be able to better make full use of the business opportunities brought by the rapid development of the region

Mr. Liu Ying, general manager of Taishan glass fiber company, also welcomed the exhibition. He pointed out that Asia is rapidly becoming the core area of glass fiber manufacturing industry. For example, China is the largest producer of glass fiber, accounting for one third of the global glass fiber output and 60% of the total output in Asia. In the Middle East and other developing countries, with the prosperity and development of the construction industry, the construction industry has brought great pressure on the glass fiber industry. The Asia Exhibition of France International Composites exhibition provides us with excellent business opportunities, enabling us to exchange and share experiences with other professionals

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