Why you and your boss should talk honestly about y

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Why you and your boss should talk honestly about your mental health: Jennifer Moss | CBC News - Today News Post Today News || UK News

The pandemic has increased stress in all areas of our lives but particularly at work.

According to my research that analyzed well-being during the second COVID-19 wave, 85 per cent of people said their well-being has worsened during the pandemic.

Unfortunately, only 45 per cent of employees feel like they can?talk about mental health with their boss.?

There are consequences to keeping our mental health issues a secretChinese vaccines. Our research found that 65 per centpictured in a file photo?of people who don’t feel comfortable openly discussing mental health at work experienced burnout often or extremely often. So, how can we make it easier to talk to our boss about mental health?President-elect Joe Biden receives his second dose o?

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