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Big bang bang screen is about to be released, lack of innovation or mainstream in the future

in the autumn of 2017, apple officially released iPhone x with Bang screen design. Although iPhone X does not account for the highest proportion of screens, it is the leader and seems to be the closest to a full screen

by 2018, Android manufacturers have followed Apple's example. At present, salt lake lithium resources are mainly located in Qinghai and Tibet, and several models that will be released or will be released will use liuhaiping

at the MWC 2018 exhibition, the domestic manufacturer ASUS released the zenfone 5Z bangs comprehensive screen, and another niche manufacturer leagoo also showed the bangs screen with the model of S9 pro on MWC 2018

in the upcoming release, Huawei P20 series, vivo X21, oppo R15 and Xiaomi 7 are said to be equipped with bangs full screen

Apple iPhone has always been leading the development of new trends, such as fingerprint recognition, face ID, 3D touch and other new technologies, which are first adopted by apple and gradually popularized in the Android camp. The adoption of Liu Haiping screen design in iPhone x is also a reflection of Android manufacturers' following suit

although the banged screen is a part of the intelligent industry developing towards a higher proportion of screens, the stereotyped banged screen will make people aesthetic fatigue, and the banged comprehensive screen of the Android camp does not look as extreme as the iPhone X

although the borders of iPhone X are wide, except for the bangs area, the borders are all equal in width, while the bangs of Android camp, although the left and right borders are narrower, have more or less wider jaws

the reason why Android has a chin is still based on cost considerations. Most Android bangs in the above figure use circuit board flexible packaging (COF), which will save some space than traditional packaging (COG)

the iPhone x uses the screen flexible packaging (COP), which folds the screen, so it realizes no chin

before talking about beauty and ugliness, let's first analyze the benefits of the banged screen. The above figure is the appearance of iPhone x compared with Samsung S8. It seems that iPhone x is closer to the full screen. The black edge of the whole body is only large in the banged area, while Samsung S8 has a wide upper and lower border, and the screen is relatively traditional

there is no doubt that the bangs screen will increase the proportion of screens, but it will also reduce the integrity of the screen. Many apps on iPhone x can't fully use the bangs screen. For example, games need to vacate some areas to avoid bangs

now 3. The detection indicators of corrugated boxes mainly include: pressure test, stacking test, vertical impact drop test. In recent years, so many Android manufacturers have launched bangs screen, which is largely due to the industry wind vane Apple FA 1, non-metallic material experimental instruments; With the launch of iPhone x, Android manufacturers have gained the upper hand in marketing

seize the marketing bonus of liuhaiping. After all, no matter whether Apple's direction is right or wrong, most consumers recognize Apple's values

although the technology cost of the new bangs launched by the Android camp is lower than that of iPhone x, and it still has a chin, it has achieved a higher screen share through a narrower left and right borders. The screen share of many new bangs launched by Android has exceeded 90% (iPhone x screen accounts for 81.5%)

with the three new machines released by apple this autumn, all of which are bangs, the Android camp is rapidly popularized, and bangs also occupy the marketing commanding heights. For consumers, manufacturers' technological innovation still needs products to reflect. Most screws adopt M-type ordinary screws, and the banged screen is a solid step towards a higher proportion of intelligent screens

for those manufacturers who adhere to the non banged screen, the next marketing may be very unfavorable. For example, Samsung S9 still adopts the conventional rounded rectangular screen, and the screen share is not significantly increased compared with the previous generation. Under the changing market environment, it is not easy for Samsung to obtain market recognition without making new ID design

for a forehead less design like Xiaomi mix2, it may be another mainstream design independent of Liu Haiping

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