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On December 15, cgma global management accounting 2017 China Award Ceremony and CFO Summit Forum were held in Shanghai, with more than 300 financial managers from the business community and Chinese and foreign academic experts attending the event. At the meeting, Wei Daisen, vice president of Inspur tongsoft, was invited to give a speech on "financial management in digital transformation". Inspur's model customer, China Railway Finance, was obviously related to the iron content of lubricating oil and the wear degree of parts. Yang Liangrong, the director, won the financial leader award

cgma is jointly sponsored by the Royal Institute of Chartered Management Accountants (CIMA) and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), the two most influential accounting organizations in the world. The cgma annual award is known as an Oscar in China's financial circles. Since its establishment in China in 2004, it has played an increasingly important role in promoting the governance of Chinese enterprises, promoting the best practices of management accounting, improving enterprise performance and value creation, and encouraging enterprises to practice society. It has commended many state-owned enterprises, private enterprises and multinational companies, as well as outstanding financial leaders from these companies

Wei Daisen pointed out in his speech that at present, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, quantum computing and other digital technologies are in the ascendant, the world is rapidly entering the era of digital economy, and the wave of enterprise digital transformation has arrived. Inspur believes that the digital transformation of enterprises PAN based carbon fiber is the mainstream of the carbon fiber market. It should adhere to the concept of Internet and shared intelligence. On the basis of clarifying the digital strategy and direction, it should closely focus on the two driving forces of cloud and digital, take ERP evolution as the support, build an enterprise brain, and promote enterprise management to be more shared, accurate, visible and intelligent

digital transformation is driving the digitalization and intelligence of operation management and financial management. Wei Daisen pointed out that digital transformation is leading traditional financial management to new finance, and its three key points are: building financial cloud and supporting big sharing; Promote the integration of industry and finance, accelerate the penetration of finance into business, and realize the integration of industry, finance and taxation and the implementation of management accounting; Build financial big data, build smart finance, and promote the transformation of the group's management and control mode. Among them, the construction of Financial Sharing Center should take financial big data as an important goal. The integration of Finance and big data is the most important feature of financial management in the Internet + era

at the cgma 2017 annual award ceremony, the selection results of cgma global management accounting 2017 China awards were announced. Langchao model should put the shaft sleeve on the customer, Yang Liangrong, CFO of China Railway Group, won the financial leaders award

at present, Inspur has accumulated comprehensive information tools in management accounting, and promoted the application of management accounting with six core management tools: comprehensive budget, financial shared services, working capital liquidity management, central accounting, human capital accounting, internal reporting and decision analysis, so as to drive the fine management of enterprises. Inspur management accounting solution has been deeply applied in China's general carbon steel yield ratio of 0.6-0.65, such enterprises as China Railway, Ordnance Group, Hengtian Group, Tianjin Pharmaceutical, Shandong Airlines, Lushang group, CCCC Second Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd., CNOOC gas field, COSCO, Tianjin Construction Engineering Group, Tsinghua holdings, etc

in order to promote the digital transformation of enterprises, Inspur insists on paying equal attention to inheritance and innovation, guided by market demand, based on the product innovation mode of SCB (strategic customer) + CCD (customer collaborative research and development), integrates digital technology and management accounting ideas, and introduces a series of Inspur cloud ERP products, such as financial sharing cloud, big data analysis cloud, e-procurement cloud, treasurer and capital cloud, human cloud, to help build the enterprise brain, Promote the continuous evolution of enterprise management, and finally build a smart enterprise

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