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Inspur high-performance computers help industrialization of gene sequencing in China ctiforum news on August 21 (Li Wenjie): Recently, the state ----- Professor Yuan Zhiqing, School of packaging and materials engineering, Hunan University of technology, and the State Food and Drug Administration approved two types of gene sequencers and test kits, which is the first time that gene sequencing technology can be used in clinical applications since the government issued a ban in February, The deregulation of government policies has triggered a large number of capital to covet the market. According to statistics, China's total investment in sequencers and reagents exceeded 2billion yuan in 2013. China's huge market cake has already attracted great attention from gene sequencing manufacturers

recently, Inspur designed and built a high-performance computing cluster for Zhongke Zixin, a domestic gene sequencer manufacturer, to provide a nationwide gene sequencing analysis cloud service. It is reported that the cluster will be able to undertake all sequencing and analysis services of 20 to 40 new generation domestic autonomous gene sequencers during the nationwide trial operation

human gene is a very important strategic resource, and its value cannot be measured only from capital interests. Since the launch of the human genome project in the 1990s, the United States, Japan, Europe and other countries have realized the strategic position of human genes and registered gene patents one after another. Therefore, whoever owns the most human genes can have an absolute say in the future gene diagnosis and gene therapy technology. For China, a country with a population of 1.3 billion, having independently developed gene sequencer technology and products will become the only way for the development of China's gene industry in the future

Zhongke Zixin is an independent company established under the technical research and development cooperation framework between Zixin pharmaceutical and the Beijing Institute of genomics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is committed to the research and development of China's independent gene sequencing technology. Its domestic new generation gene sequencer is the only domestic gene sequencing system in China whose technical performance can rival that of mainstream products in the international market. Its sequencing length (reading length) reaches BP, It is the highest level among the second-generation sequencers at present

the application of gene sequencing technology requires the analysis and calculation of massive, complex and variable data, so high-performance computers are needed to enter the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge, the largest cross sea bridge in China, for the statistics and analysis of gene data. Each person has 23 pairs of chromosomes, and the DNA contained in these chromosomes is composed of different base sequences of atcg, with a total number of 3billion. For human genome-wide testing, if the fixture generates massive data according to the structural division order, it must be processed and analyzed by a high-performance computer in order to get useful results for individual medical diagnosis and analysis

according to professionals, gene sequencing analysis requires high computing performance, memory capacity, data bandwidth, etc. of high-performance computers. Robots, 3D printing, smart factories, intelligent manufacturing and other topics have become a hot topic in today's manufacturing industry. At the same time, it must also support a perfect gene sequencing analysis workflow. The high-performance computing cluster designed and built by Inspur for Zhongke Zixin is a special machine specially designed for gene sequencing applications. The special machine adopts the blade server and fat node as the computing platform, the parallel storage system is used to improve the data bandwidth, the 10 Gigabit network is used to improve the communication efficiency, and the gene sequencing workflow software is customized and developed with full consideration of the application characteristics

Inspur has been continuously investing in technology and application of high-performance computing in the field of life science in recent years. At present, it has many typical cases of life science at home and abroad. Inspur teamed up with CCTV to shoot the supercomputing series "into science", which comprehensively introduced the application of high-performance computing in genetics. In addition to the design and supply capacity of high-performance computing hardware system, Langchao also has a professional application expert team, which has achieved remarkable results in supporting life science applications and porting and optimizing new architectures such as GPU and Mic. Atom, a life science application software based on mic platform jointly developed by Inspur and Chinese Academy of Sciences, was displayed as one of the world's five mic achievements at the global supercomputing conference SC

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