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On July 24 and 25, 2017 openstack days China Summit was held at the National Convention Center in Beijing. As a gold member of openstack foundation, Inspur participated in this conference as a diamond sponsor, bringing five wonderful keynote speeches to share. For the first time, Inspur put forward four major trends in the era of cloud computing 2.0: platformization, industrialization, intelligence and credibility, explained the fast concept based on openstack, and shared the case practice of Inspur in the construction of industry cloud to the enterprise decision-makers, technicians, developers, etc. At the same time, Langchao also demonstrated Langchao Yunhai OS 5.0 based on openstack architecture and cloud solutions for finance, energy, government and other industries at the conference

Inspur appears in openstack days China

the new four modernizations in the era of cloud computing 2.0

the rise of openstack reflects the profound changes in users' positioning of cloud platforms, which is more suitable for the changing needs of the times from cloud based business to cloud based business. The focus of the construction of cloud computing 1.0 era lies in the cloud infrastructure, completing the pooling, scheduling, intelligent management and service delivery of it basic resources, and then migrating traditional applications to the cloud platform, which is actually the process of business cloud; In the era of cloud computing 2.0, users pay more attention to the design of cloud platform based on the actual needs of business, expect to have differentiated needs in agile development, rapid response, new technology support and other details, support cloud native applications, and emphasize cloud business

Zhang Dong, general manager of Inspur system software department, believes that in the era of cloud computing 2.0, the development of enterprise level cloud computing will show four major trends: platformization, industrialization, intelligence and trustworthiness, and explained the above four trends in detail in the keynote speech at the conference

Zhang Dong, general manager of Inspur system software department, delivered a keynote speech

Yunhai OS 5.0 reinstallation debut, explaining the new features of Inspur openstack fast

in the z01 exhibition area of this conference, Inspur exhibited Yunhai os5.0 based on openstack architecture, and set up interactive experience and expert face-to-face open classes to have in-depth interaction with guests. On the basis of openstack architecture, Inspur proposed the design concept of fast cloud computing products, starting from functionality (functionality), availability (availability), security (Security) and toolchain (instrumentalization), to provide mature, perfect and easy-to-use openstack solution products, in order to promote the better and inclusive open source technology

Inspur Yunhai os5.0 appears in the large exhibition area

at present, Inspur Yunhai os5.0 has been successfully deployed among users in finance, energy and other industries. In the energy industry, the openstack cloud platform built by Inspur with the help of Sinopec Henan Petroleum Branch has successfully increased the resource utilization rate of a single device to 60%, reduced energy consumption by 45%, saved space by 60%, increased operation and maintenance efficiency by 300%, and reduced operation and maintenance costs by 80%; In the financial industry, Inspur implemented the largest financial production cloud deployed based on openstack in China in a bank, with a scale of nearly 1000 physical nodes, innovatively realizing the deep integration of Internet financial services and openstack open source cloud platform, ensuring rapid innovation, rapid deployment and rapid online of services. Everbright Securities also built an openstack environment with Inspur, integrating the original VMware cluster and the new environment into the management of Inspur cloud OS cloud platform

let the energy industry run on openstack

Bai Wei, a senior engineer of Sinopec Henan Petroleum Branch, as a user representative, shared on-site the experience of building an energy cloud platform based on Inspur Yunhai OS. He said: Henan is the top three automobile Province in terms of motor vehicle ownership, and the smooth guarantee of refined oil is directly related to the development of the economy and people's livelihood of the province. With the expansion of the company's business scale, the IT system has become more and more complex. In addition to the core production and operation management system uniformly managed by the headquarters, the company has gradually built more than 20 production and management systems, such as customer service management system, invoice management system, non oil sales, video monitoring of Yijie convenience store, etc. Due to the traditional IT architecture and the stacking of hardware equipment to solve the application deployment and system reliability, the power supply of the data center is tight, and it also brings great challenges to the application deployment speed, it resource utilization and operation and maintenance management

Bai Wei, senior engineer of Sinopec Henan Petroleum Branch, shared the best practices of cloud platform

Sinopec Henan Petroleum Branch decided to build a more flexible and agile cloud data center, and put forward the construction requirements of business deployment minutes, automatic seamless migration of applications, safe and reliable platform, flexible sharing of IT resources, automatic operation and maintenance, and ensuring the flexibility of subsequent upgrades

after multiple evaluations, Sinopec Henan Petroleum Branch finally chose openstack open source cloud computing architecture. Bai Wei said: after the deployment of Inspur Yunhai OS based on openstack, all the existing more than 20 applications were migrated to the virtual machine environment, and a single detection classification was set: the sensitivity of measurement can be improved, and the utilization rate of standby resources can be increased to 60%. At the same time, the number of server equipment has been reduced from nearly 200 to 30, the energy consumption has been reduced by 45%, and the space has been saved by 60%. It is no longer limited by the power supply and space constraints of the data center, and the business continuity and operation and maintenance efficiency have been significantly improved

strategic cooperation between Inspur and SUSE, with 81 cloud map program members

at this conference, Inspur and SUSE signed a strategic cooperation agreement, and the two sides will cooperate in-depth in technology and sales fields such as collaborative innovation of open source technology, joint solution development, joint research of key industries, etc., so as to jointly provide Chinese customers with advanced cloud computing infrastructure and promote digital transformation. At the same time, SUSE also announced to join the Inspur cloud plan, and as a long-term alliance member, it will work with Inspur to promote the development and improvement of China's cloud computing ecosystem. With the addition of SUSE to our company Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd., the number of members of yuntu program has reached 81

Inspur and SUSE sign strategic cooperation

collaborative innovation based on open source technology is the focus of Inspur's cooperation with SUSE. In addition to the compatibility and mutual certification of Linux systems, the two sides will also conduct joint test certification and interactive testing in the business environment of cloud native applications in terms of containers, business choreography, etc. At the same time, the two sides will rely on the incloud lab joint innovation laboratory to provide a huge development space for opensta, which provides rigid PVC foamed plastics; The sufficient supply of PVC raw materials, reasonable prices and the formed complete industrial chain provide a reliable foundation for the development of rigid PVC foaming products. CK core components and emerging technologies such as container deployment, CEPH component optimization and other cloud computing basic technologies are jointly developed to jointly promote the optimization of key component modules in the community. At the level of scheme and sales cooperation, the two sides will carry out joint scheme development for their respective advantageous industries such as finance, energy and government affairs, strengthen the optimization of industrial schemes in heterogeneous cloud platform management, business process customization, HA and software definition, and jointly carry out market promotion

the maturity and ecological perfection of the product scheme have made Langchao one of the strong promoters and best practitioners of the development of openstack in China, and comprehensively promote the technology inclusion and industry practice of openstack in China and even the world with the help of the platform + ecological strategy. In the United States, cioreview Za Cheng Tingyu inserted silicone tubes into 26 patients (31 eyes) with chronic dacryocystitis during dacryocystorhinostomy. The patients were followed up for 6 (2) 5.5 months, with an average of 11.8 months. The treatment effect was inspected. As a result, the symptoms of tears and pus overflowing were completely eliminated. Langchao became one of the two Asian enterprises selected in the latest issue of the world's 20 most promising openstack solution suppliers selected by lacrimal passage flushing Tongchang Zhi

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