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A large number of newcomers are coming, and construction machinery enterprises are warmly welcoming

a large number of newcomers are coming, and construction machinery enterprises are warmly welcoming the sad graduation season, which naturally ushers in a fresh and ignorant employment season. Since July, a wave of college graduates have entered the construction machinery enterprises with infinite hopes and expectations. Looking at these young people full of vitality, the enterprise is full of joy and welcomes the new in different ways. Let Haier New materials participate in the development and design of refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines and other household appliances

wanton bloom of youth

at 7 p.m. on July 25, the "midsummer light year" New Year Party of Liming heavy industry 2014 bloomed as scheduled. In the name of youth, this orientation party recorded the entry track of new employees since July. These energetic new generations are stirring everyone's heartstrings with the melody of youth, singing for their dreams with fiery enthusiasm in the hopeful midsummer light years. Pentium noisy hey, can't stop

2014 was unusual for liming heavy industry to welcome new students. It has been a full decade since the college students' talent strategy was launched in 2004. After ten years of growth, fresh blood has been injected every year. Now, these new college students have become the mainstay of each center of the company, creating and realizing their own value in their professional positions, and the "special quiet and Hi" has been renewed for a long time

cordial exchanges place high hopes on

"you young people are the future and hope of the company. You should dare to take responsibility, work hard, be a down-to-earth person, and be a qualified and excellent Zoomlion." On July 23, 2014, at the training site for new college students, Zhan Chun, chairman of Zoomlion, m) sampling rate: ≥ 50 times/s; Xinqing places high hopes on all new employees with deep feelings and profound meanings. Chairman Zhan made a systematic and detailed introduction to all the students on the strategic objectives and development achievements of the company in various development stages since its inception. When describing the future development war and the strategy of extending the mileage, chairman Zhan emphasized that Zoomlion would continue to focus on the equipment manufacturing industry and strive to build a large industrial pattern supported by the construction machinery, environmental industry, agricultural machinery and heavy trucks

then, chairman Zhan had an open face-to-face interaction with all the students, and the atmosphere was warm, orderly, lively and vivid

participate in the training and quickly integrate into the collective

on July 21, a group of undergraduates who just graduated from university entered the company and became a member of the forklift family in Dalian. The Minister of production delivered a welcome speech on behalf of chairman Meng. Subsequently, these new employees received various trainings in succession, from company profile, corporate culture, company activities to safety training, code of conduct, organizational structure, attendance regulations, as well as career development, production 2. Measurement range: 0 (3) 00kn product introduction, quality development, exchange and discussion, etc. the training for four consecutive days not only gave new employees a general understanding of the company and its products, It also made them from all over the world establish a deep friendship with each other

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