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Will 3000 year old Beijing be a lost city in the wave of artificial intelligence

will 3000 year old Beijing be a lost city

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original title: will 3000 year old Beijing be a lost city

although it is difficult to distinguish the true from the false, it may be difficult to distinguish between the sand and the sand, but since Google alphago defeated Li Shishi, AI has become a "business right". From the bay area of Silicon Valley to Chinese Mainland, from technology giants to start-ups, from the national level to local governments, AI players are like crucian carp crossing the river. It seems that the "singularity" moment is near. When various national and local governments are trying to compete for AI talents and AI enterprises, will Beijing, a famous city with a long history of 3000 years, miss this wave and become a lost city at the next historical turning point

the answer is No. Just as we entered 2018, the BBC published an article entitled "3000 year old AI city", in which the protagonist is Beijing. The article praises Beijing passionately that "despite its long history of more than 3000 years, Beijing has rapidly become a modern metropolis."

according to the article, intelligence is only the beginning of Beijing's scientific and technological ambition, and face recognition systems have also begun to be popularized. Many applications use this technology to make bank transfers and payments, and people can also enter apartments and offices through face recognition... Amazing fast Internet, significant investment in artificial intelligence, and unparalleled metropolitan vitality have made Beijing the most exciting city

figure: the application of Kuangshi face recognition gate in Cade Raffles

the development of artificial intelligence the Beijing municipal government has been extremely responsive

bbc article reveals only the appearance, and a series of actions of the Beijing municipal government reveal Beijing's determination to develop the artificial intelligence industry and the future of human intelligence

in 2016, the Management Committee of Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park, the people's Government of Daxing District and the Management Committee of Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone issued several measures on promoting the innovative development of Zhongguancun intelligent robot industry, taking the lead in encouraging the development of artificial intelligence industry. Subsequently, in July 2017, after the State Council issued the "development plan for a new generation of artificial intelligence", Anhui, Zhejiang and Shanghai also successively introduced policies to promote artificial intelligence. This is not a small challenge for Beijing. How to retain existing enterprises and talents

the Beijing municipal government has been extremely responsive. In November 2017, the first local policy to support and promote the development of artificial intelligence industry in China, the action plan for the cultivation of artificial intelligence industry in Zhongguancun National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone (year), was released. A series of support measures and safeguard measures helped to cultivate artificial intelligence industry clusters with international competitiveness and technological leadership. Then, in December, the "guiding opinions of Beijing on accelerating scientific and technological innovation and cultivating the artificial intelligence industry" was issued, announcing that by 2020, the overall technology and application of the new generation of artificial intelligence in Beijing should reach the world's advanced level, build an AI innovation center with global influence, and make AI a new important economic growth point in Beijing

the promulgation of the policy is on the one hand, and the Beijing municipal government has shown a very proactive attitude towards the implementation of the policy. On November 12, 2018, Cai Qi, Secretary of the Beijing Municipal Party committee, paid an investigation visit to Beijing Kuangshi Technology Co., Ltd. and sent a service package. During the investigation, Cai Qi once again expressed the importance that the Beijing municipal government attaches to promoting the development of artificial intelligence industry, and conveyed a positive signal of government support

figure: Cai Qi, Secretary of the Beijing Municipal Party committee (first from the left), investigated private technology enterprises and listened to Kuangshi technology's report on business progress

Cai Qi pointed out that innovation is the life of Zhongguancun enterprises. Only originality can lead. Kuangshi technology should increase the key core technology research and constantly make new breakthroughs. We should strengthen the connection between technology and demand, apply the innovative achievements of artificial intelligence to the construction of smart cities, provide technical support in public management, safety protection and other fields, and help improve the level of urban governance. We should make good use of the city's high-end industrial policies, become better and stronger, and strive to be the smartest company in the world

he also stressed that all departments at all levels should adhere to the system of visiting service enterprises, continue to optimize the business environment and implement various policies. We should support enterprises to achieve more breakthroughs in original innovation, and strive to cultivate more Unicorn enterprises and invisible champion enterprises. In view of the needs and problems of enterprise development, relevant departments should study and solve them one by one. Lubricating oil should be often injected into the guide rail of mobile station, transmission screw and worm gear box

in addition to the strong support for private technology enterprises, the Beijing municipal government is also actively promoting the basic technology research of artificial intelligence. On November 14, at the 2018 China (Beijing) transnational technology transfer conference, the Beijing municipal government, together with Peking University, Tsinghua University, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Kuangshi technology and other advantageous units in the field of artificial intelligence, officially released the "Beijing Zhiyuan action plan", and announced the official establishment of the Beijing Academy of artificial intelligence (baai). Among them, the "Beijing Zhiyuan action plan" is jointly proposed by government departments, enterprises, colleges and universities, institutes, etc. under the guidance and support of the Ministry of science and technology and the Beijing municipal government. It is the top-level design for Beijing to serve the development of artificial intelligence and an action plan to condense the wisdom of all parties. In the future, Beijing Zhiyuan Artificial Intelligence Research Institute will vigorously promote the development direction of artificial intelligence and key breakthroughs in theory, methods, tools, systems, etc. The "Zhiyuan action plan" and Zhiyuan artificial intelligence research institute are enough to show Beijing's determination to develop artificial intelligence technology and scientific and technological innovation

Beijing: the gathering place of AI talents and enterprises at most

the Kuangshi technology investigated by Cai Qi this time is an AI enterprise founded in Zhongguancun, Beijing. It is a famous Unicorn enterprise in the AI industry in Beijing and even the whole country. According to the official data released, up to now, Kuangshi technology has more than 900 domestic and International Ai patents being applied for and authorized (more than 440 have been authorized), and the core face recognition technology developed has been rated as the world's top ten major breakthrough technology of turning off the main motor source in 2017. In the fields of finance,, security, logistics, retail and so on, the face recognition technology, image recognition technology, intelligent video cloud products, intelligent sensor products and intelligent robot products developed by Kuangshi technology have been widely used

if Kuangshi technology is a new AI force growing up in Zhongguancun and represents the forefront of the development of Beijing's AI industry, the convergence of more than 1000 AI enterprises is the key to Beijing's success in the wave of AI. According to the data of the Beijing Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, as of May 2018, among the more than 4000 AI enterprises in China, 1070 were AI enterprises in Beijing, accounting for 26%; A total of 1237 AI companies have obtained venture capital in China, of which 431 are in Beijing, accounting for 35%

"those who get talent get Ai, and those who get Ai get the world". Talent, a key factor in the development of artificial intelligence industry, also has unique advantages in Beijing. With 8 "985 engineering universities" and 26 "211 Engineering Universities", Beijing can be regarded as the city with the strongest university resources in mainland China. Beijing University, Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and other top universities are constantly sending excellent AI talents to AI enterprises in Beijing. Kuangshi technology alone is nicknamed "Tsinghua Department" because it gathers talents from Tsinghua University. In addition to colleges and universities in Beijing, technology geeks from international top universities and scientific research institutions such as Columbia University, Stanford University and Microsoft Asia Research Institute, as well as top talents from multinational enterprises such as Google, Alibaba, Huawei and Microsoft, also gather here. They are the core talents of AI enterprises such as Kuangshi technology. The data in the 2017 white paper on global AI talents released by Tencent Research Institute in conjunction with boss direct employment is sufficient to illustrate Beijing's advantages in AI talents, but the ban may vary. The white paper shows that Beijing's AI talents account for 44.7% of the country

will Beijing surpass Silicon Valley and become a global innovation center

advantageous resources also need people who are good at using them to give full play to their value. On the hot land of entrepreneurship in Zhongguancun, enterprises that continue the entrepreneurial genes of their predecessors have long learned to seize the opportunity and move forward. In August this year, the Silicon Valley venture capital company basis set ventures organized a group of Silicon Valley VC's to visit China. They want to understand how China has rapidly grown into a technological power that can rival the United States. In Beijing, they saw the amazing speed of the development of artificial intelligence in China

LAN Xuezhao, founding partner of basis set events, said in an interview that to some extent, looking at China is like looking forward to the future. Wesley Chan, a partner of Felicis ventures, said, "when you come to China, you will find that there will be such a vast world here."

it is in such a vast world that everything seems to be advancing at an amazing speed. Take Kuangshi technology as an example. First of all, in terms of core technology research and development, Kuangshi technology has won 24 International Ai competitions, comparable to Google, Microsoft and other international giants. In May 2017, the core face recognition technology of Kuangshi technology was rated as the top ten breakthrough technologies in the world in 2017 by the famous American science and Technology Review Magazine MIT science and technology review. At the same time, Kuangshi technology, as the only AI enterprise in China, was listed as the "world's smartest company"

at the same time of technology accumulation, the speed of AI technology landing of Kuangshi technology is also remarkable. In Beijing alone, Kuangshi technology has worked closely with the Public Security Bureau and participated in the Beijing bright project; At the same time, he participated in the basic research innovation of Beijing frontier international Artificial Intelligence Research Institute. In Beijing, subway, IRS, good neighbor convenience store, etc. 9 Speed accuracy: within ± 0.5% of the indicated value; In addition, we can also see a large number of AI products of Kuangshi technology

nowadays, Beijing's long history and intelligent innovation have long been integrated. Today, with the rapid iteration of science and technology, the profound history has given Beijing a broader mind and the most strategic vision. In this wave of artificial intelligence, the response of Beijing government and enterprises is extremely agile. Enterprises compete with each other, experience unprecedented rapid changes, and work together at the same time, It has led the power of China's scientific and technological innovation to the world stage and competed with the bay area of Silicon Valley on the other side of the ocean. In this AI battle, Beijing may be China's Silicon Valley

finally, the famous singer Frank Sinatra's Ode to New York is quoted to praise Beijing: "if I can succeed there, I can succeed anywhere". Kuangshi technology and other AI enterprises, which grew up in Beijing, China, are making great strides forward with the innovation and transformation genes accumulated in Beijing in the 40 years of reform and opening up

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