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Inspur incloud sphere has passed the national information security assessment, which may cause personal injury or even death. The highest level eal 3+

recently, Inspur server virtualization system incloud sphere officially passed the national information security assessment - information technology product security assessment issued by China Information Security Assessment Center, and obtained the highest level eal 3+ security certification qualification of software products, It shows that the security of Inspur server virtualization has been recognized by the most authoritative institutions in China

China Information Security Evaluation Center is a national authoritative evaluation organization of Information Security approved by the central government, which is based on national 4 Sensors of different specifications can be configured according to requirements. Experts are authorized to perform the evaluation task of information security products, representing the highest recognition of information security products by the country. The evaluation report issued is highly authoritative. Eal (evaluation assurance level) is an internationally recognized digital level of IT products or systems under CC (common criteria) security assessment. Based on the international standard iso/iec 15408, information security products are divided into eal 1 to eal 7. The higher the level, the higher the security and credibility, and the higher the current level of threats that products can resist. Eal 3+ is the highest level of security certification that software products can obtain

after 10 months of rigorous testing and verification by China Information Security Evaluation Center, incloud sphere has successively submitted more than 100 technical documents through four stages: security document review, system security test, R & D on-site verification and expert comprehensive evaluation. It has performed well in the independence test and penetration test, and all meet the high standards and requirements of EAL 3+ for product security

independence test: in order to verify whether the safety function provided by the evaluated product can be correctly realized, the center extracts a certain number of test cases from the test documents provided by the applicant, and after redesign, it has obvious advantages to complete the confirmatory test operation of the safety function

penetration test: according to the vulnerability analysis document provided by the applicant, the center uses unconventional testing methods (such as simulating hacker attacks) to verify whether the vulnerability of the evaluated product cannot be utilized under the expected environment, so as to threaten the security of the product and its protected assets

as the basic platform of Inspur cloud computing, incloud sphere organically integrates and pools hardware devices such as servers, storage and networks through virtualization technology, reshapes the availability, security and scalability of the entire IT environment, and realizes the centralization, modernization and agility of user data centers. In terms of security, incloud sphere realizes the security compliance inspection of user management, access authentication, security audit and data encryption; Through the cooperation with 360, rising and other enterprises, it supports the virtualization agent-free anti-virus solution, which effectively solves the security storm problem of the traditional agent-based anti-virus mode. In addition, incloud sphere is the first virtualization software in the industry to implement hypervisor security reinforcement. Through kernel reinforcement technology and white list mechanism, it realizes the mandatory access control of the hypervisor layer, and effectively prevents the security threats represented by rootkit attacks in the way of active defense

incloud sphere has passed the eal 3+ security certification, fulfilling the security commitment of Inspur cloud computing to users, and providing a stronger barrier for users' cloud security

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