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Inspur launched the national tour of "big data reconstructing enterprise intelligence" ctiforum on June 11 (Li Wenjie): on June 13, the national tour of Inspur big data reconstructing enterprise intelligence 2014 enterprise management innovation and new IT integration Summit Forum will be fully opened

the first round of the tour will take Shandong base camp as the first stop, radiate Hebei, Shanxi, Henan, Tianjin, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Guangdong, Shanxi, Zhejiang, Jilin, Sichuan, Hubei, Beijing and other 25 provinces/municipalities directly under the central government, and stage a series of technological banquets of big data reconstruction of enterprise intelligence for large-scale military, construction, pharmaceutical, storage, FMCG, equipment manufacturing, mining, shipbuilding, chemical industry, transportation and other high-end customers

at that time, relevant government leaders and many enterprises will simply share with you a simple explanation, taking 300KN as an example. Elites and it experts will gather together to discuss the latest technology, share management knowledge, and discuss how big data can reconstruct business models, services and products, and business ideas, so as to help enterprises achieve differentiation and create 182 high-altitude machinery. Driven by the domestic software brand of Inspur, Set off a new round of enterprise management innovation and new IT integration boom

cloud computing, mobile Internet, social networking, big data and other technologies are driving the arrival of the new IT era. The integration of enterprise management innovation and new it in the Internet era has spawned new business models, such as lean management, management accounting, amoeba management and other management innovation models, as well as new business models such as e-commerce, social marketing, and shared services. This is also a typical feature of enterprise informatization in the new IT era: reconstructing business models, services and products, and business ideas with data. In this regard, Langchao took the lead in proposing the idea of reconstructing enterprise intelligence with big data, believing that big data, as a key technology to realize the integration of new it and enterprise management innovation, is the soul of reconstructing enterprise intelligence

reconstructing enterprise intelligence with big data requires new thinking, tools and methods. According to the application characteristics of enterprise informatization in code for design of automatic sprinkler system gb50084 (2) 001 in the era of big data, Inspur's full line management software products will fully support the enterprise informatization architecture in the era of big data. Inspur will build a big data platform integrating business analysis platform, data integration platform, data acquisition and storage platform, and comprehensively integrate the internal data of corporate finance, ERP, HCM, CRM, OA and other systems, as well as external big data such as e-commerce, social networking, macro economy, upstream and downstream, Internet, IOT and so on, so as to help enterprises fully tap the rapidly growing value of internal and external data, find and grasp business opportunities, Finally, realize the collaborative office within the enterprise and the business collaboration of the industrial chain, and improve the operation efficiency

recently, the influence of the prism gate incident on localization and substitution has further emerged. The establishment of the National Security Commission and the network security and information technology group is well known, which shows China's determination to strengthen the construction of information security. As China's leading local cloud computing overall solution provider and cloud service provider, Inspur has seized the opportunities of new technologies and localization, and focused on the internal needs of enterprise management innovation, transformation and upgrading, Give full play to the technological leading advantages of Inspur cloud computing, big data and software and hardware integration, and make use of the deep accumulation in enterprise management software to help enterprises transform and upgrade, innovate and develop, and achieve Chinese strength

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