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On April 8-11, local time, at the annual National Radio and television equipment exhibition (NAB show), Ericsson mediakind announced that it would comprehensively deepen its strategic cooperation with Inspur Group through the full integration and technical support of Inspur cloud services, servers, smart set-top boxes, and software technology, We are committed to providing cloud based, cost-effective and scalable end-to-end solutions for the global video industry, so as to promote bilateral cooperation to a higher level

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in recent years, the rise of broadband connection, cloud services and mobility has opened an era of subverting the development of the entire value chain of the video industry, and video operators around the world are accelerating the transformation to all IP video service mode. This cooperation enables mediakind to further combine the overall technical stress release advantages of Inspur cloud + end to provide operators with a more perfect next-generation mediafirst TV solution, so as to provide the best cloud based video service platform for the market development of industries in urgent need of transformation

in order to explore the business innovation of media platform, Inspur will continue to expand the support of set-top boxes and other products, promote the organic integration of IPTV service mode and Ott service, help mediakind create a flexible and scalable cloud service solution, and then provide consumers with an immersive video interaction experience. As an important part of the cooperation, mediakind also plans to move relevant businesses from the public cloud to the wave experimental process through cloud migration, which can display the force value, displacement and loading rate cloud platform in real time. By improving cloud related capabilities, we can meet the more complex challenges brought about by the smart era. With a more integrated and agile concept, Inspur cloud will become an important support for mediakind to promote the digital transformation of the industry by providing services for the government, enterprises and individuals from consulting to operation and maintenance

Cuiwei, vice president of Inspur Group, said: mediakind is Inspur's trusted strategic partner. MK's global scale and professional ability are of great help to Inspur's product promotion, ability improvement and local expansion, and perfectly match Inspur's comprehensive ability advantage of cloud digital intelligence and specialized video platform technology. Both parties expect to meet the changing needs of customers with flexible, extensible and agile products, and provide world-class delivery mode and service experience

Sven, vice president of Ericsson mediakind, said: by deepening long-term cooperation with Inspur, we will be able to automatically calculate the maximum air force, upper and lower yield strengths, hysteresis ring method, gradual approximation method, non proportional extension strength, tensile strength, pressure resistance, elongation at any point, load extension at any point, modulus of elasticity, elongation, maximum, minimum, average value of peel interval Zigzag modulus and other customers provide perfect solutions, so that they can choose the best platform and provide users with immersive multi screen viewing services. MK will also continue to develop industry-leading ecosystem partners and develop solution elements to ultimately enhance the value proposition of video operators and help them achieve business profitability

Inspur is committed to becoming a new cloud + digital Internet enterprise. By focusing on the all media ecosystem, it focuses on becoming the world's leading video and an important guiding service provider leading industrial transformation and upgrading. As an innovation promoter of global media technology, mediakind is committed to developing cutting-edge services and experiences in the media industry, helping shape and lead the new future of global media technology. This time, nab deepened its strategic cooperation. On the basis of continuous exploration and innovation, both sides expect to create more intelligent solutions for the future, help operators maintain a leading position in the rapid development, and bring the ultimate video consumption experience that users need and deserve

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