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Inspur joined the international TPC organization to enhance China's voice in the global IT field

ctiforum on August 4 (Li Wenjie): a few days ago, the international standardization Testing Authority TPC (Transaction Processing Performance Council) organization announced to absorb Inspur as a member of the organization. TPC enjoys the reputation of the Royal Academy of Sciences in the field of system evaluation, and is also a high-end club in the global IT industry. Inspur has been adhering to independent innovation for many years, constantly breaking through high-end fields and industrial cores. This time, Inspur has become a full member of TPC international testing organization, which confirms that Inspur's technical ability and industrial influence have been recognized in the global industry

tpc is the most authoritative performance evaluation organization with the longest history in the world, and is committed to developing standard specifications, performance and price measures for business application benchmark programs. The test models developed by TPC are derived from the most typical practical application systems, and will be constantly modified according to the development of technology, which has a strong reference value for practical applications. In addition, before each test result is released, it will be subject to on-site inspection by engineers and collective review by the TPC Committee. The review conditions are very harsh, so the TPC test benchmark and its released test results have a great influence in the field of business intelligence applications

since its establishment in 1988, TPC has established seven mainstream test benchmarks, including TPC-C, tpc-ds, tpc-e, TPC-H, TPC-W, and TPC energy, most of which have become common test standards in the industry. Among the seven TPC test benchmarks, tpc-e and TPC-C are transaction OLTP test benchmarks, and tpc-ds and TPC-H are business intelligence OLAP test benchmarks. These four benchmarks are all derived from simulating actual business. Therefore, TPC test results have become an important reference and basis for users in key industries such as finance, telecommunications, energy to purchase servers and build information systems

Langchao is the first Chinese enterprise to participate in the TPC international test. As early as 2004, Inspur server super 3000 achieved the best result in the TPC-H test, creating the first international test world record for Chinese server manufacturers. So far, Inspur has broken tpc-e, TPC-H, specjappserver, specpower and a series of international authoritative test records for 16 times. These test records cover middleware, database, data warehouse, energy efficiency and other application scenarios, as well as CPU The continuous participation in and refreshing of international test records in the performance evaluation of single items such as disk i/o is enough to prove the leadership of Inspur in the development and optimization of core technologies and cutting-edge solutions

TPC official station

TPC organization is known as the high-end club of the global software and hardware industry. Members cover many key fields, such as chips, operating systems, databases, networks, servers, etc. Intel, IBM, sap, Oracle, Cisco, Hitachi, etc. are all members of the organization. For a long time, the members of the organization have been mainly from the United States and Japan, and there are few Chinese enterprises. The joining of Inspur will enhance the influence of Chinese enterprises in the organization. Being accepted by TPC organization not only relies on the rapid improvement of system optimization ability and industry application experience of Inspur, but also the natural result of the improvement of Inspur's position in the global server industry

Photo source: TPC official website

after joining TPC, Inspur will appoint representatives to the board of directors to participate in various work within the organization, especially the development of test standards and the setting of strategic goals, which will play an important role in promoting the formulation and development of global system performance test standards. For example, Inspur will have the voting rights of the new TPC benchmark standards, and can obtain copies and licenses of benchmark tools, as well as test software code, which not only enables Inspur to have a deeper understanding of the relevant models of server performance test standards, and better improve the performance and application level of products, but also Inspur's long-term accumulation and understanding of server technology and applications, It will also directly affect and feed back to the benchmark standards and applications of TPC testing, so that Chinese application characteristics can be more reflected in international testing standards, so as to better serve Chinese customers (units: Provincial Department of economy and information technology, Provincial Department of science and technology, and provincial market supervision bureau)

Qiao Xin, general manager of Inspur server solutions department, said that TPC has developed and mastered performance testing standards in the field of business transactions and business intelligence, and the organization has a far-reaching impact on the IT industry and industry customers. Inspur is the first enterprise in China to master the host technology. We hope to feed back the application characteristics of Chinese customers to the global test standards in time, so that the sampling of Chinese batch products should conform to the principle of statistical probability, and the needs of customers are reflected in the industrial standards

Langchao is the only server supplier in China that has mastered the core technology of software and hardware. It has a patented technology group with multi processor CC-NUMA architecture as the core. For the infrastructure of data center, it can provide complete solutions from host and mass storage to general server and cloud operating system that can print out experimental results in real time, as well as products and solutions related to the next generation of data center, such as modular data center and complete cabinet server. At present, Inspur server shipments are the first in the Chinese market. The following phenomena can help judge whether sintering has occurred: the fifth in the world

according to the analysis of observers, with the rapid growth of its own technical strength, the influence of Inspur has expanded to the global server industry, and Inspur is seeking a greater say in industrial technology. Previously, openstack, the world's largest open source cloud computing organization, and spec, the server application performance benchmark organization, have absorbed Inspur as members

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