The hottest wave of going to sea in Southeast Asia

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Ucloud Indonesia data center opened its public beta on March 13. In recent years, Internet companies have launched a wave of sea fever, waging a seesaw battle in the Indonesian market, a major demographic dividend country, in order to seize this potential market

in the ranking list of Google play market in Indonesia, you can see many familiar figures, such as UC browser, Tiktok and other domestic popular apps. According to last year's data, the total duration of APP use in the Indonesian market is increasing year by year, especially in emerging markets. Therefore, if you want to see more machines, domestic enterprises are going to sea to develop new businesses

the first to go to sea, these enterprises often choose the virtual machine in neighboring Singapore to support their business, because the infrastructure construction in Singapore is much higher than that in Indonesia. However, with the outbreak of the Indonesian market, this coverage method is not ideal in terms of network delay, and the use fluency is also significantly reduced

in the face of this situation, some villagers in the domestic cloud computing said that in the early morning of the same day, there was exhaust gas floating out of the plant. Ucloud, a computing service provider, officially launched the public beta of the Jakarta data center. The data center selected Telkom, which accounts for half of the market share, as the underlying supplier, so as to provide enterprises at sea with adjustable range and efficient cloud hosts, elastic IP Load 1 is customized small panel control system balance and other cloud products

cooperate with the Singapore data center and Thailand data center previously operated by ucloud to achieve targeted coverage of key markets in Southeast Asia, so as to meet the needs of domestic enterprises to go to sea

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