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Inspur became a member of openstack to promote the construction of Open Cloud ecosystem

ctiforum on July 29 (Li Wenjie): after just announcing the strategic cooperation with Alibaba cloud, Inspur officially announced on July 28 that it would join the openstack foundation, an international cloud computing authority, and become an important member of the world's most dynamic open source cloud platform management project. As a leading provider of overall cloud computing solutions in China, Inspur will more effectively help Chinese enterprises and cloud service providers build an advanced cloud computing infrastructure and promote the application of cloud computing in China after joining openstack this time. At the same time, based on the deep level of cloud computing technology, 3. Check that the dispensing machine should be horizontal and swing into a vertical state. The addition of Inspur will also promote the improvement of openstack standard

openstack, as a cloud computing platform jointly developed by Rackspace and NASA, directly introduces users to the cloud computing innovation process through an open community. Its primary task is to simplify the deployment process of the cloud and bring it a good check whether the emergency switch is pressed down for scalability. Openstack adopts the user centered social research and development method, which has a far-reaching impact on the development mode of global cloud computing, making users no longer subject to the platform, but can easily and flexibly migrate data between various open source cloud computing platforms. As cloud computing is more and more widely used, more and more enterprises are willing to use cloud computing infrastructure that is not dominated by a single manufacturer. Open source software projects can help them get rid of their dependence on and lock-in of certain products. Open source software is a very good choice in terms of openness, flexibility and cost. After the establishment of openstack, its established open core value concept has promoted the vigorous development of the community. With the continuous participation of manufacturers, the maturity of social R & D mode, the leadership of elite teams, and flexible architecture design, openstack has become the most dynamic open source project in the world. With the evaluation of third-party institutions, openstack is expected to become Linux in the cloud era. According to statistics, openstack has been widely used in telecommunications, finance, it, health care, education, government and other fields in 56 countries around the world since its launch

at present, openstack organization has attracted more than 190 companies and 2000 developers. There is too much cooperation gap between IBM operation piston and cylinder, and HP, at t, RedHat, SUSE, canonical, Cisco, Dell, VMware, etc. are all important members. Openstack foundation is the core management organization of the organization. It has strict standards for member access audit. It will comprehensively consider the applicant's technology accumulation and R & D ability, and requires that it must have the ability to feed back the openstack community. As a leading cloud computing provider in China, Inspur has formed an overall cloud computing solution service capability covering the three levels of IAAs, PAAS and SaaS, and can create leading cloud infrastructure and solutions for customers in mainframe, general server, mass storage, cloud operating system, etc. its solutions have been widely used in more than ten industries, such as government affairs, industry and commerce, water conservancy, transportation, finance, etc

Wang Feng, general manager of Inspur cloud products department, said: deep technology accumulation and rich industry application experience are important reasons for Inspur to become a member of openstack foundation. Inspur will contribute its own strength to this open platform. According to Wang Feng, after joining the openstack foundation, Inspur will be committed to promoting the improvement of cloud operating system standards. Openstack will provide community open resources for Inspur and provide technical support for the next generation of cloud OS products; Inspur Yunhai OS products will be compatible with openstack standards in the future, and share part of the code of Yunhai OS. Cloud operating system is called the central nervous system of cloud data center, and openstack is regarded as the most authoritative cloud operating system standard in the world

Inspur has been actively participating in the formulation of international and domestic standards in the field of cloud operating systems. In addition to participating in the application and promotion of openstack and other international cloud operating system standards, Inspur also actively promotes the formulation of relevant specifications and standards for domestic cloud operating systems. Recently, Inspur participated in the formulation of the specification of "cloud operating system security inspection requirements" drafted under the leadership of the Ministry of public security, and became the first batch of certification members. At present, this specification is actively applying for becoming a national standard. On the other hand, it is a standard caused by friction

as the open source community has increasingly become an important driving force for the development of cloud computing, more and more enterprises have realized the importance of the open source community for the future development of cloud computing, and began to influence and participate in the development of the community in their own way. Domestic enterprises such as Inspur and Huasheng Tiancheng become members of the openstack foundation and actively participate in the formulation and implementation of international open source cloud computing standards, which will help Chinese IT enterprises take the initiative in the new round of industrial competition in cloud computing and ensure the existence of Chinese voices in the global cloud computing application environment

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