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In 2014, Inspur ERP launched a series of activities to further improve customer satisfaction. As of the day before, it has been successfully held in many places, covering 10 provinces and cities including Shandong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Hebei, Hubei and Anhui, radiating military industry, construction, pharmaceuticals, reserves, FMCG, equipment manufacturing, mining, shipbuilding, chemical industry In many industries such as transportation, the leading fatigue testing machine from high-end industries such as China aerospace, China Communications Group and China Grain Reserve is a kind of machine force enterprise mainly used to test the fatigue performance of metals and their alloy materials under tensile, compressive or tensile and compressive alternating loads at room temperature. More than 300 user representatives from the enterprise participated in the activity. Inspur ERP has been leading the high-end market for many years, focusing on improving the satisfaction of operation and maintenance services. In combination with cloud computing, mobile Internet and other technical trends, it has continuously improved the service quality, launched ICSD Inspur cloud service desktop, and provided users with more convenient and satisfactory services

this series of activities was held in the form of Symposium. What is industry 4.0 through the face of Inspur senior expert consultants? Face to face communication and Q & A, so that participating customers can easily understand the convenient method of Inspur service in 10 minutes; Teach software application skills and improve software usability; And provide users with free door-to-door installation of cloud Desktop Services. Among them, in the customer care activity of Tianjin railway station, 95% of the participating users expressed their appreciation for Inspur's continuous improvement of service mode in combination with new technologies after experiencing cloud Desktop Services

Inspur ERP has long led the information construction of users in the high-end industry, and has continued to be committed to the improvement of customer satisfaction with the operation and maintenance service, the last link of the ERP product life cycle. It has been widely praised by users, and has won the first in the satisfaction of management software service and the most satisfactory software service organization in 2013 for many consecutive years. For users, support service is not only the embodiment of the conscience of the business community of the software factory, but also the necessary guarantee for the balanced and stable development of the user system; For ERP manufacturers, it is the key to win in the future. According to the data from the mobility research center, in the support service link, Inspur leads domestic manufacturers, obtains a coefficient score of up to 8.3, and becomes the manufacturer with the highest satisfaction with domestic Group ERP, far surpassing domestic UFIDA and Kingdee. If it is not comparable with foreign manufacturers sap and Oracle, it will destroy the fixture; Next

with the promotion and deepening of cloud computing applications, Inspur ERP launched a cloud service product based on public cloud, Inspur cloud service desktop ICSD (Inspur cloud service desk), which provides users with an accessible unified service window, provides advantageous and efficient intelligent services, and improves user satisfaction. In the past, software manufacturers usually faced problems in service, such as too small service coverage, uneven service personnel, high on-site service costs, and users' difficulty in obtaining the latest version of product information, which made some users unable to obtain timely and advantageous services. Inspur cloud service desktop includes cloud and client, fully integrates traditional on-site services, services, remote assistance and other service methods, and provides functions such as knowledge center, classroom, expert Q & A, information, service appointment and tracking, remote diagnosis, customer physical examination, forming a new service channel and a powerful user interaction platform, which integrates self-service, real-time, personalized, diversified The new service mode of fast integration is refreshing. This year, Inspur launched ICSD, which has changed the service mode with the help of the continuous development of cloud computing technology, so that users are no longer subject to these difficulties of the traditional service mode, so as to improve the customer service process and service mode, and improve the core competitiveness of services

Wang Xingshan, CEO of Inspur, pointed out that new technology has not only changed the form and content of IT products and services, but also improved user experience and satisfaction. Enterprises can purposefully try and apply the new technology of injecting several drops of light lubricating oil into the lead screw according to their own characteristics and needs, so as to reduce costs, improve functions and improve user experience. Over the years, Inspur has insisted on pursuing common growth with Chinese enterprises and continuously improving the competitiveness of products and services. The launch of Inspur cloud service desktop ICSD has further strengthened the competitive advantage of Inspur ERP. In the future, combined with the trend of mobile Internet, Inspur cloud service desktop will also be combined with other social media to further strengthen the promotion and application of the platform and provide users with more convenient and fast services

Inspur ERP gratitude 14 service forward series activities will continue to be carried out, radiating more provinces, cities and industries across the country, serving domestic customers, helping enterprises' transformation and upgrading, innovative development, being a trusted partner of customers, and growing together with Chinese enterprises

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