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The impact of information technology on other industries is no longer limited to the provision of IT products and solutions, but more involved in the technology of major equipment in scientific research, industry and national defense. The radiation effect of its technology is increasingly apparent

because life science has been paid more and more attention, genes have become a valuable strategic resource and wealth for global competition, and information technology has become the core driving force for the development of life science

the domestic sequencer will come out three years later

the domestic third-generation gene sequencer developed by the "Institute of genomics, Chinese Academy of Sciences - Inspur genomics Science Joint Laboratory" established by the Beijing Institute of genomics, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Inspur "State Key Laboratory of high performance server and storage technology" is expected to come out within three years

the successful development of this product will not only fill the gap in the field of basic equipment for gene sequencing in China and improve the level of autonomy, but also enable domestic life science research institutions to obtain low-cost and efficient sequencing tools in the process of compound extrusion, more effectively develop and utilize China's rich gene resources, and accelerate the development of China's gene strategy, It lays a foundation for China to take the lead in this field

at present, the second-generation gene sequencer currently used by China's gene research institute is completely imported, and the equipment price is high. Under the condition of limited funds for domestic research institutes, it is difficult to obtain a sufficient number of gene sequencing equipment, resulting in slow scientific research progress. More seriously, due to the uniqueness of gene resources, foreign companies can take advantage of the first mover advantage of gene sequencing equipment to apply for gene patents first, so as to monopolize the global gene industry in the future

according to researcher Yu Jun, deputy director of Beijing Institute of genomics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, compared with the test cycle of more than one month for the second-generation products, the third-generation gene sequencer developed by China can complete the complete gene sequencing of a person in dozens of minutes. At the same time, the test cost will also be reduced to about 5000 yuan, only 1% of the current level

obviously, the third generation gene sequencer will make revolutionary progress in terms of cost and speed. However, the development of the third generation gene sequencer is a systematic project, which needs the joint promotion of many fields such as it, semiconductor, optics and so on. In response, Yang Xianwu, deputy director of the Department of high technology and innovation of the Ministry of science and technology, said: "how to more effectively promote the integration of information technology and genetic science has become a very critical factor for whether China can continue to achieve better results in the field of genetic science in the next step, and whether our genetic science research can continue to develop rapidly."

xumaobo, deputy director of Shandong Provincial Department of science and technology, believes that the technological interconnection between different disciplines and industries will not only provide a deep-seated informatization promotion for the development of Frontier applications such as life sciences, but also play a pioneering role in the exploration of industrialization ways of technological achievements by national key laboratories and maximizing the application value of achievements

deep integration of equipment manufacturing and information technology

Wang Endong, senior vice president of Inspur Group, believes that the third-generation gene sequencer is not only a major scientific research equipment, but also represents a rare opportunity for domestic IT manufacturers to "become bigger and stronger"

according to IDC, as of the third quarter of 2009, the global server market has experienced a fifth consecutive quarterly decline in revenue, and this year's decline in server market revenue is inevitable

taking advantage of the financial crisis, international manufacturers have launched a new round of global layout. The continuous occurrence of mergers and acquisitions has made multinational companies take the opportunity to further improve their products, namely HRA, HRB, HRC, HRD, HRE, HRF, HRG, HRH, HR K line, and strengthen the ability to provide integrated solutions. At the same time, international manufacturers' R & D investment is increasing, which further strengthens their control over industrial technology. Take IBM for example, it has invested more than $6billion in R & D every year, of which more than 50% has been invested in R & D related to "smart earth". In 2008, IBM registered 4186 patents in the United States, becoming the first company in U.S. history with more than 4000 patents registered in a single year

domestic manufacturers lacking capital backing cannot achieve rapid expansion of technology and market by acquisition alone. Therefore, how to enhance their competitiveness so that they will not be edited in the wave of recovery of the server industry: through this interview, the industry has basically learned about the development and utilization of non-metallic materials for vehicles in China, and international manufacturers are far behind, which has become a subject that every domestic manufacturer must carefully consider

in this regard, wangendong said that the localization and digitalization trend of national major equipment has provided very good development opportunities for domestic server manufacturers

at present, compared with developed countries, the level of China's equipment manufacturing industry is low, which seriously restricts the upgrading of China's industrial structure and the improvement of industrial competitiveness. As a result, 2/3 of the fixed asset investment in the whole society depends on imports, and China has a deficit of tens of billions of dollars in equipment every year

with the rapid development of information technology, the integration of equipment manufacturing and information technology has become a common phenomenon, and the digital trend of major equipment manufacturing is becoming more and more obvious. The eleventh five year plan mentions nine special projects for high-tech industries. Apart from projects in the field of IT industry, other special projects such as biomedicine, civil aircraft, satellites, new materials, etc., increasingly rely on breakthroughs in information technology such as high-end computing, mass storage, high-speed interconnection, etc. Information technology has gone beyond business electronization, networking, large-scale data processing and other common forms, and is being more deeply integrated into various industrial equipment

the wide application of information technology has brought more business opportunities to it manufacturers. In addition to traditional products, technology output or technical cooperation in other industrial fields will become a new competitive focus for domestic server manufacturers in the future

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