Facing the opportunities and challenges under the

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Facing the opportunities and challenges under the new situation, where is the way out for the domestic instrument industry

with the continuous improvement of China's comprehensive national strength, new era requirements have been put forward for more efficient, stable and accurate instruments, as well as new needs in food testing and environmental monitoring. Many changes have taken place in China's instrument industry, and the field of domestic instruments and meters has ushered in new opportunities and challenges. The market demand of China's instrument industry is great, and the development of science, technology, economy and society constantly puts forward urgent requirements for scientific testing, analytical technology and instruments. Unfortunately, China's own brand analytical instruments can not meet the inspection and testing needs of the current market. On the one hand, there is a broad market prospect, while on the other hand, there is the reality of being monopolized by foreign products. This is the current situation of China's analytical instrument industry

the innovation, manufacturing and application level of scientific instruments directly reflects a country's scientific, technological and industrial strength. Since ancient times, scientific instruments are equivalent to the "hidden" military industry, which is an area that all countries must compete for. However, how to accelerate the rapid development of domestic scientific instrument industry and make domestic instruments transform and upgrade from "made in China" to "created in China" has always been a lingering pain in the industry

among the scientific instruments currently used in China, almost 100% of high-end instruments are imported, and more than 70% of medium-end instruments are imported. Take a look at the relatively high-end laboratories of the quality inspection system. More than 90% of the inspection and testing equipment are imported from abroad. Such situations may exist in other fields such as medical and health organizations and environmental protection. This situation is not the fault of one or some enterprises. In addition to historical reasons, it is mainly caused by omissions in management. However, it really needs the joint efforts of domestic scientific instrument enterprises to change this situation. What is the difference between domestic instruments and imported instruments

facing the opportunities and challenges under the new situation, where is the way out for the domestic instrument industry

as for domestic instruments, the main problem encountered by users is that their comprehensive performance indicators are generally weaker than imported instruments, and their reliability and stability are poor. In many cases, they are attributed to insufficient innovation. China's instrument industry is intermingled with good and bad, and the overall quality system is imperfect. This situation will inevitably damage the image and brand of the whole industry. The doubts from the market still need to be solved by enterprises through the market. 8. Preparation and utilization technology of superconductors, high-efficiency batteries and other new materials

quality inspection departments have high requirements for the stability, reliability and accuracy of instruments. National, provincial and municipal (prefecture level) laboratories are unlikely to purchase domestic instruments, which are limited to county-level units. There is still a long way to go for domestic instruments to enter national, provincial and municipal (prefecture level) laboratories

this is also the first administrative penalty sheet issued by Leliu Office of Shunde Inspection and Quarantine Bureau this year.

the national investment in the analytical instrument industry is essential to promote the development of the industry. While learning from and following up foreign technologies and researching and producing alternative products, the state should encourage principle innovation and increase investment in the research and development of new technologies and products such as biosensor technology. Only with such original innovation can we finally get rid of our dependence on foreign technologies and products, which is more conducive to China's economic security

the research on scientific instrument technology and the research and development of various influential instruments have been paid more and more attention by governments at all levels and academia, and the corresponding basic research has also been strengthened. Some colleges and universities began to restore or set up majors in Instrument Science and technology, and even set up scientific instrument colleges; More and more research groups in Academies of Sciences and universities have turned to basic and technical research related to scientific instruments, and paid attention to strengthening the combination with enterprises' waste plastic particles. 1 the supply exceeds the demand. The result of these efforts is that some more and more valuable scientific instruments and technical research results have gradually emerged. For example, the development, production and continuous improvement and improvement of atomic fluorescence photometer, which is recognized as having China's independent intellectual property rights, and the development and industrialization of scanning electroacoustic microscope; Another example is the successful development of two-dimensional CCD array detector spectrometer, which has been praised by everyone in the field of scientific instruments in recent years

the future development plan of China's instrument industry must aim at high-end products, and vicious competition at the low end can no longer be carried out, which will only damage the interests of the whole industry. In recent years, the number of listed analytical instrument enterprises has increased, and some enterprises have also gone abroad to acquire foreign high-tech enterprises; Some are preparing to build R & D centers in Europe; More enterprises began to pay attention to the application research of products and established application laboratories to make products more suitable for the needs of the market

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