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Inspur network enables the government cloud market and helps build convenient government affairs. The three-year action plan for the development of cloud computing (year) issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology proposes that the scale of China's cloud computing industry will reach 430billion yuan by 2019, and will actively develop industrial cloud services and jointly promote the application of government cloud. In recent years, China's government affairs cloud has developed rapidly, and provinces and cities across the country have embarked on the road of government affairs cloud, which undoubtedly combines government affairs and it more closely. The ever-changing government business innovation and the constantly accumulating service content are driving the cloud transformation of government architecture to achieve the goal of centralization, sharing and interconnection of government data

Inspur, as a leading cloud computing service provider in China, relying on more than 30 years of practical experience in serving the government and enterprises, has achieved 20000 + government application systems moved to Inspur cloud, and has achieved the proud achievement of ranking first in the market share of government cloud for three consecutive years. As an important part of Inspur cloud strategy, Inspur network has always attached great importance to its investment in the field of government cloud. In early 2017, Inspur network released its government cloud data center solution. Adhering to the concept of providing efficient, stable and reliable cloud network solutions for government customers, Inspur network applies high-performance network products that can perfectly match the construction of government cloud data centers, as well as the world's leading network technology, to help government customers build integration Integrate enterprises and professors point-to-point resource-based and efficient service environment for enterprises and people

build a stable and efficient government cloud solution in response to the situation

in order to build informatization and make government affairs more beneficial to the people, the government cloud data center should not only support the government service system, but also meet the need for office departments not to continue the experiment: the reasons for this are: the oil pump does not discharge oil and the oil supply pump is insufficient, or there is a serious oil leakage when the oil pipe joint is under a large load, and there is also a possibility that the oil viscosity is too low Resource sharing and other functions, which put forward strict requirements for the efficiency, stability and reliability of the network. Langlangluo deeply analyzes the market demand of China's Government cloud, and helps government business innovation by building efficient and stable government cloud solutions

in order to achieve the balance from mature hardware to advanced software to the greatest extent, and fully ensure the stable and efficient operation of the government system, Langchao network government cloud solution adopts the world's leading network technology and products, realizes the increment and speed-up of the system through 10g-100g technology, and adopts top-level software fusion technology to realize the integration of management and operation tools, which perfectly meets the current government service and application needs

aiming at the characteristics of integration, virtualization and automation of government cloud data center, Langchao network adopts advanced software to define network technology, and realizes high scalability of network capacity, computing capacity and storage capacity. Government customers can ensure the continuous and stable operation of the system economically and efficiently according to the actual needs without large-scale upgrading or shutdown

the security of cloud data center is very important for government affairs. The security protection of government cloud data center needs to implement a unified strategy at all levels - from network infrastructure to computing applications. At present, Inspur has a complete set of solutions for government agencies and enterprise organizations. Inspur network focuses on protecting the security of data infrastructure in the government cloud and providing security protection for data in transmission and storage. It also adopts unique virtual perception, business isolation design, role-based access control and robust control plane to strengthen the confidentiality and integrity of transmitted data, and fully meet the security requirements of government applications

move in line with the trend and deeply rooted in the government cloud market with advanced product technology

according to IDC marketscape: evaluation of manufacturers in China's Government cloud market at a later stage according to market conditions, 2017, the report shows that China's Government cloud market has developed rapidly and has huge business opportunities, especially since 2014, China's Government cloud market has achieved continuous high-speed growth, In 2016, the scale of infrastructure investment in China's Government cloud market has been close to 10 billion yuan, and will continue to maintain a rapid growth trend in the next five years, with an annual compound growth rate expected to reach 20%

government cloud, as a key support platform to help the digital transformation and service-oriented transformation of the government industry, is not only the focus of government customers, but also the battleground of major cloud computing manufacturers. As an important network support platform for Inspur to start its cloud strategy from a production line, Inspur network will continue to use advanced network technology concepts, rely on localized product innovation, and rely on its understanding of the network application of the government cloud market to promote the rapid development of government informatization, help the government realize digital transformation and service-oriented transformation, and promote the vigorous development of China's Government cloud market

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