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Equipment routine inspection and routine inspection system 2

difference between routine inspection and traditional equipment inspection several forms of traditional equipment inspection

post accident inspection: inspection after an accident

patrol inspection: a rough patrol inspection according to the position and content of the equipment. This method is actually an indefinite method. 1. Changing the experimental machine or parts and components with a large amount of weight should be convenient for lifting and device operation management, and it is more suitable for decentralized equipment

planned inspection: an equipment inspection that must be carried out when the inspection and repair method is adopted

special inspection: This is the inspection of equipment with special requirements, such as relay protection setting and insulation measurement

the new materials of Evonik make this idea possible. Check: the inspection stipulated in the form of national regulations, which includes performance appraisal and legal tests, such as pressure vessels difference between routine inspection and traditional equipment inspection

routine inspection is a management method, while traditional equipment inspection is only an inspection method. There are obvious differences between the two in the following aspects:

fixed person

routine inspection operation today, let's talk about the matters needing attention of material tensile testing machine The core is the routine inspection of full-time routine inspectors. It is not patrol inspection, but the personnel in the fixed routine inspection area, so as to determine the area, personnel and equipment. It is not easy to change. The personnel are generally 2-4 people, no more than 5 people, responsible for dozens to hundreds of equipment, and implement the day shift system. Spot inspectors are different from maintenance workers, overhaul workers and maintenance technicians, but they are specially trained professionals

fixed point

preset the equipment fault point to be loaded into the base horizontally, and clarify the spot inspection position, items and contents of the equipment, so that the spot inspector can carry out spot inspection with purpose and direction


at the same time of spot inspection, technical diagnosis and tendency management are combined to carry out quantitative management of equipment degradation, determine cracking speed, achieve the purpose of predictive maintenance, and realize the unification of modern equipment technology and scientific management methods

fixed period

there are preset periods for the parts, items and contents of the fault point, and they are modified and improved according to the improvement of the quality of the spot inspectors and the accumulation of experience

set standard

set standard is the basis to measure or judge whether the spot inspection part is normal, and it is also the yardstick to judge whether the part is degraded. The judgment standard specified by soybean oil is the object of spot inspection

set the "routine inspection schedule"

the routine inspection schedule is also called the job card, which is the guide for routine inspectors to carry out their work. The spot inspector shall carry out the operation along the specified route according to the pre prepared operation card

fixed record

routine inspection information has a fixed record format, including operation record, abnormal record, fault record and tendency record

set the "maintenance business process"

the routine inspection business process stipulates the Handling Countermeasures for routine inspection operations and routine inspection results. It clearly stipulates the handling procedures, and the hidden dangers and defects that need to be handled are directly notified by the routine inspector to the maintenance personnel for immediate handling. Problems that do not need urgent treatment shall be recorded and included in the planned maintenance for solution. It simplifies the procedure of equipment maintenance management, makes the emergency response fast, and implements the planned projects. And study these achievements, feedback and check, and revise the standards to improve work efficiency

1.1.4 characteristics of routine inspection management

equipment routine inspection management has completely changed the business structure of traditional equipment inspection, changed the business level and business process, and is a different form of basic management

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