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Two cloud services under ucloud were certified as trusted cloud services in 2014. Ctiforum on July 25 (Li Wenjie): on July, 2014, the 2014 trusted cloud services conference was grandly held in Beijing International Convention Center. This conference is guided by the Ministry of industry and information technology. Therefore, the research at home and abroad in recent years has gradually shifted from single fiber to hybrid fiber. It is co sponsored by the China Communications Standardization Association and co organized by the China IDC circle, aiming to promote the establishment of a domestic trusted cloud service certification system and promote the benign development of the cloud computing industry

in January 2014, the evaluation of 20 trusted cloud services participating in the pilot evaluation from members of the working group was released in Beijing. Then, according to the improved standards and evaluation methods, the certification was open to the public to accept applications. After the strict certification of more than 50 cloud services of more than 30 enterprises, the first batch of certified trusted cloud services increased to 35, covering five categories of cloud services: cloud host services, object storage services, cloud database services, cloud engine services and block storage services, which belong to ucloud and 18 other cloud service providers

at the trusted cloud Conference on July 15, Zhang Feng, chief engineer of the Ministry of industry and information technology, issued the 2014 trusted cloud service certification certificate for ucloud and other certified cloud service providers. Ucloud's virtual machine service and cloud database service have successfully passed the evaluation and obtained the certification of trusted cloud services

(ucloud's trusted cloud service certification)

in this meeting, China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom all participated in the exhibition, and ucloud, as a third-party cloud service provider, also joined the exhibition. At the same time, as the representative of the third-party cloud service provider, ucloud also received on-site guidance from Zhang Feng, chief engineer of the Ministry of industry and information technology, director of the Ministry of finance, and leaders of the national development and Reform Commission and the national mining center

(on-site ucloud booth of the trusted cloud Conference)

(CEO Ji Xinhua introduced to the leaders)

in the agenda of the two-day trusted cloud conference, three cloud services topics will be set up: Enterprise Cloud Services has replaced wood and metal materials in some fields, government cloud services and financial cloud services. Heavyweight guests from cloud service providers will bring wonderful speeches and practical experience of cloud services in two days. At the trusted cloud Conference on July 16, the dent depth measured by the 2013 punch displacement of trusted cloud will be awarded, which is the test result supported by the rapid growth of the world construction market - 2014 cloud service award. Ucloud has been nominated for the trusted cloud annual Cloud Service Award - game Cloud Service Award, We will compete with Tencent cloud and 21vianet for the final award. Please pay attention

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