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Spend the Mid Autumn Festival in the customer service call center

Jia Min, an employee of Great Wall lubricating oil customer service call center

the day of Great Wall lubricating oil customer service call center starts from the hour hand to eight o'clock. From this moment every day, Jia Min will start an unknown day of work. What kind of people will you meet today? What kind of story happened? Every possibility filled Jia Min's heart with excitement. Jia Min has worked in this position for ten years. In these ten years, although she has experienced too many customers and too many stories, she is still full of expectations and challenges in the face of a new day and during the Mid Autumn Festival holiday. This is the seemingly simple but complex customer service work

at 8 a.m. on September 8, Jia Min turned on the computer and put on her headset. Soon, the flashing screen told me that she was coming. In fact, it takes courage to answer the first question every day, and other partners feel the same

Hello**** No, I'm glad to serve you

Hello! I'm a member of your Huaqing store. I need help urgently. A woman at the other end said in a hurried voice

sure enough, the first reaction was that the customer should be in trouble. Maybe there was something wrong with the vehicle. From the information displayed in the call center system, I saw the customer's name, car number and member information. It was indeed a member of the Great Wall lubricating oil automobile maintenance center chain store

Jia Min asked directly: is that Ms. He? Is there something wrong with the vehicle

yes, yes, it's me! When I drove to Lishui bridge in a traffic jam, I couldn't hit it again after turning off the car. Now the car is in the middle of the road, and the traffic flow is not small. After the Mid Autumn Festival, I went to pick up the old people for reunion. I don't want this car to break down on the way. Can you help me come and rescue it? Huaqing store is too far away from here. I have your business card in my car, so I asked for your help

OK, Ms. He! Our Tiantongyuan store is very close to Lishui bridge. I will immediately contact the store for rescue. You should pay attention to the passing vehicles in place and turn on the double flash. You'd better not stand next to the car and go to the roadside, and then confirm with you that you are calling this one? After hanging up with the customer, I immediately dialed Tiantongyuan store. Our Great Wall lubricating oil automobile maintenance center is also open for all-weather service. When domestic people are not in leisure vacation and happy reunion, it may be our busiest time, and it is also the time when customers need us most. After informing the store of the customer's situation and contact information, it is emphasized to contact the owner immediately, because the car breaks down on the road and affects the traffic. Here, I heard the front desk of Tiantongyuan telling the technician that the customer was about to contact the technician

every day, new challenges come one after another, and every person, every voice and every emotion rise and fall at the other end from time to time

after answering three more calls, I called Ms. He back: Hello, I'm from the customer service center. Is there any rescue in the store? Is it being solved now

Hello, thank you. After hanging up, the store will call soon. The rescue vehicle will arrive in about 6 or 7 minutes. Now the car has been towed to the store and is under inspection

OK, if you need any other help, please feel free to contact us

time passes in every minute

around 11 o'clock, a familiar number pops up on the flashing screen. Isn't this the customer who rescued in the morning? I was thinking: the problem has not been solved? Connect first

I've been here this morning. Could you transfer me to the staff member in the morning

Hello, Ms. He, this is the staff who picked you up in the morning. Has the vehicle fault been solved? What can I do for you

I want to thank you for your timely contact and the prompt handling of the store. The trouble has been eliminated, just replace the spark plug. Now I have arrived at my parents' house, and it is very smooth. Today is also a dangerous day. You let me have an unforgettable Mid Autumn Festival. Thank you, your service is very good and hard! During the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, you still stick to your posts, and the service is very timely. Thank you! The customer thanked several times in succession

you're welcome. Many users will call to inquire how to install and debug the hydraulic universal material testing machine after buying the machine. Everything will be fine. We have personnel on duty for 365 days. If you have any questions in the future, you can contact us at any time. I wish you and your family a Happy Mid Autumn Festival

and remove the residue in the oil tank. I know that service is an ability that can help customers solve problems; Service is a promise that can fulfill the promises that the company or individual has promised to customers; Service is a kind of service that takes customers' needs as their own

I haven't been reunited with my parents in my hometown for a long time. My eyes are moist in an instant, and the corners of my mouth rise in an instant. This is the most beautiful parabola smile in our life. Although I didn't rest and spend this holiday with my family, I can make customers feel convenient and comfortable. Isn't it very valuable and fulfilling

if you are engaged in this profession, you should know that the complete innovative R & D system means that customers are God. My friends and I are used to sticking to festivals and staying on duty. As customer service representatives, we are lively, fresh, intelligent, enthusiastic and beautiful. We are proud. We are the most beautiful and striking scenery in the customer service center

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