Peak nuclear power in the first half of 2015

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Nuclear power will reach its peak in the first half of 2015. After the Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan, safety and efficiency have become the first criterion for China's development of nuclear power. In 2014, although the national level has repeatedly spoken about the resumption of coastal nuclear power construction, there has been no formal commencement project. Industry insiders generally expect that there is basically no possibility of starting new nuclear power projects during the year, and a new peak of nuclear power construction will be ushered in the first half of 2015

although no new projects have been started, China's nuclear power development goals have not changed. According to the energy development strategic action plan, the outstanding advantages of this material include excellent mechanical properties, high mobility, outstanding color stability, and excellent chemical resistance (2014-2020). By 2020, the installed capacity of nuclear power in operation will reach 58million kW, and the scale under construction will reach 30million kW

Sun Qin, chairman of CNNC group, recently said publicly that China's nuclear power technology is currently in the transition period from the second generation to the third generation. After 2016, with the continuous maturity of AP1000 and other technologies, nuclear power will usher in great development. It is predicted that the construction of six nuclear power units per year will be carried out. It is expected that the annual investment in nuclear power construction will reach 70billion yuan in the next 10 years. The construction of nuclear power plants will bring business opportunities to nuclear power equipment manufacturing enterprises. After completion, equipment maintenance and the services of nuclear fuel production and reprocessing enterprises are also required during the operation period

two major projects are waiting to start.

based on the current construction progress of domestic nuclear power projects, rongchengshi laboratory personnel often have to operate around the site to patrol or test the work. The island bay cap1400 demonstration project, Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Phase II project and Hualong No. 1 demonstration project are considered to be the projects that are most likely to pass the approval first. The industry generally believes that the first half of 2015 will be the critical period for the formal FCD of these projects

great wisdom news agency learned that the preliminary work of Shidaowan and Hongyanhe projects has been basically completed, and they are waiting for the final approval of the State Council. The staff of cap1400 demonstration project in Shidao Bay, Rongcheng, said that the project has completed many links such as main pump development and bench test, and now we are waiting for the last order. However, due to the northern climate, Shandong and Liaoning, where the Shidao Bay and Hongyan River projects are located, are no longer ready to start construction. Therefore, even if the project is approved to start, the specific FCD time is expected to be after March 2015

Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Station is the only nuclear power station in Northeast China at present. The phase II project is stable and mature in terms of technical route, and its safety indicators meet the third generation nuclear power standards. At the same time, the project has been given a path to carry out preliminary work in 2010, and then suspended due to the impact of the Fukushima nuclear power accident in Japan. Units 3 and 4 of Tianwan nuclear power and units 5 and 6 of Yangjiang nuclear power, which are similar to the situation, have been officially started at the end of 2012 and 2013

cap1400 pressurized water reactor nuclear power unit is a passive large-scale advanced pressurized water reactor nuclear power unit with Chinese independent intellectual property rights developed on the basis of digesting and absorbing the imported third-generation nuclear power technology AP1000. The demonstration power station is located in Shidao Bay, Rongcheng, Weihai City, Shandong Province. It plans to build two cap1400 pressurized water reactor nuclear power units with a single unit capacity of 1.4 million KW. At the same time, the project is also a key nuclear power project participated by Huaneng Group, a major domestic power generation enterprise. As an important processing equipment, extruder is of great significance to its future nuclear power layout

the landing of Hualong 1, equipment manufacturers welcome development opportunities

the breakthrough of Hualong 1 is a major event in the field of nuclear power in the second half of 2014. The formal landing of technology selection, the two major demonstration projects Fuqing nuclear power units 5 and 6 and Fang2. Because the jaws of the experimental machine are often used, Chenggang nuclear power units 3 and 4 were approved by the National Energy Administration in November and December respectively. CNNC insiders told great wisdom news agency that the group is actively promoting the preparation of Fuqing nuclear power units 5 and 6, and set the FCD target in June next year

hualong-1 technology is a nuclear power model that can be independently exported in China at present, which is integrated from the acp1000 of China Nuclear Power Group and the acpr1000+ of China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group. In August 2014, the national energy administration and the National Nuclear Safety Administration reviewed the overall technical scheme of hualong-1. Only four months after the technical scheme was approved, the National Energy Administration successively selected the technology as the model selection of the two major projects of CNNC and CGNPC, and clearly requested in its reply to make full use of China's current nuclear power equipment manufacturing system, and the localization proportion of key equipment and materials should not be less than 85%. This has created new development opportunities for equipment manufacturers

on December 15, unit 1 of Fangjiashan nuclear power project of Qinshan nuclear power plant expansion project passed 100 hours of full power operation conditions. So far, the number of nuclear power units in operation in Chinese Mainland has increased to 22, and the total installed capacity has exceeded 20million kW, reaching 20.29658 million KW. There are 26 nuclear power units under construction, with a total installed capacity of more than 28million kW

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