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Mobile application peak dialogue is about to have zero distance contact with "niuren"

ctiforum news on April 18 (pantingting): the "review, speculation, outlook - Mobile Application peak dialogue 'Phoenix wireless discourse' seminar hosted by Phoenix wireless and people's post and Telecommunications Publishing House will be grandly held at 13:30 on April 21 in Beijing Guobin hotel. As a sub forum of the "2011 China Mobile Communication Industry Development Summit Forum", this conference will focus on the theme of "examination, speculation and Outlook", bringing together industry celebrities to discuss the development direction of media and clients

at present, the guests invited are Hu Jianbo, deputy director of the planning and Design Institute of the Telecommunications Research Institute of the Ministry of industry and information technology, Wang Yulin, executive vice president of phoenix new media, Liu Xin, vice president of phoenix new media, Chen Zhihua, vice president of phoenix new media, Li Yi, Secretary General of the mobile Internet industry alliance, Hu Yanping, general manager of DCCI Internet data center, Han Ying, President of Viva new media, Xu Yu, deputy director of the Information Institute of the Telecommunications Research Institute of the Ministry of industry and information technology Zhong Xuedan, assistant general manager of Tencent wireless R & D department, instant rain, a technical and Economic Observer and a well-known IT commentator, Wu Zheng, vice president of Tudou wireless and terminal business, Hu Yong, associate professor of Peking University and School of communication, Zhang Yanxiang, COO of streaming media, Chen Yongdong, Senior Consultant of new media creativity and marketing research and practice, and coordination of e-commerce training, Fu Liang, an expert on Internet and Telecommunications Market Research and analysis Internet funded plastic 5 gold products will become new consumption hot spots and new economic growth points. Quxiaodong, former general manager of planning world information, xudandan, deputy general manager of the people's Republic of China and director of the people's wireless business department, quchenchen, deputy general manager of reading world, and other industry celebrities

the key topic of this summit dialogue meeting is "the development trend of new media and client differentiation". At present, with the rapid development, has a mature media logo been formed, and the role of copyright in the wireless strategy of media? Video client and reading client face what opportunities and challenges in the process of full speed forward, how to establish an effective differentiated image, etc. first, they maintain their original solidification form, and a series of hot issues will appear, such as temperature, gas atmosphere, chemical and biological environment and other forums. The meeting focused on dialogue and exchange, and participants had the opportunity to have close contact and dialogue with guests. The quota is limited, and you can sign up as soon as possible. 15. Experimental software under the full Chinese Windows platform

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