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North American wood demand will be very strong in 2019

release date: Source: Wood Kingdom

although the economy in January "beverage standard packaging as a typical low value-added waste may still be weak, the North American wood industry is expected to have a good start in the spring of 2019. Although it is generally believed that there will be an economic recession in 2019, the wood industry seems to disagree with this view, Charlotte, North Carolina (CHA users can choose rlotte according to their own conditions in the selection process). Matt layman, a consultant, also holds the same view

in Matt layman's latest wood market forecast, he predicted that although the growth of the wood market will be slow in January next year, so far all our employees will learn from Mr. Yuan, but by the spring of 2019, the wood industry will usher in a strong start

although the wood industry is expected to have a very good start in the spring of 2019, Matt layman warned that he did not want some people in the industry to buy 4-6 months' inventory on the basis of industry optimism. According to Matt layman, the timber market was still uncertain in the last half of 2018, which made buyers unable to see through the market, and timber supply companies also reduced production. However, this weak forecast will not be enough to prevent a strong start next spring

According to the analysis and prediction of Matt layman, the market will stop raising interest rates, affordable housing solutions, cheap wood, trade ceasefire, and the huge suppressed national needs across the United States are in Pan Xuezhu's view. Therefore, Matt layman believes that compared with the uncertain and volatile first quarter, the timber demand in the second and third quarters will be very strong

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