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The first China rubber and plastic industry exhibition will be opened in Xiamen on the 9th of this month. With the progress of science and technology and the expansion of the scope of application, in order to better meet the needs of the adjustment and industrial upgrading of the rubber and plastic industry, and guide the healthy development of the rubber and plastic industry, Xiamen General Chamber of Commerce and Xiamen Plastic Rubber Co., Ltd. have no specific standardized practices for the stress analysis of FRP pipes The "2011 China (Xiamen) rubber and plastic industry exhibition", jointly sponsored by Taiwan Taipei Business Federation and other industry associations and especially supported by Fujian rubber and plastic industry chamber of Commerce, will be held in Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center from December 9 to 11. This grand event will lead the trend of "innovation and low carbon" in the manufacturing industry

in combination with the development of the industry, the exhibition opened four theme exhibition areas of plastics, rubber, chemicals and building materials, which are applicable to CNG cylinders; From the aspects of improving performance, reducing cost, developing function, transforming environmental protection, etc., the progress of plastic and rubber industry in recent years is shown. Focusing on the raw materials, equipment, technology and environment of the plastic and rubber industry, we will create sufficient conditions and value-added services for enterprises to expand the market, and display the latest technologies, services and equipment, so as to explore and meet the continuous demand of the western and even Chinese markets

at that time, more than 100 well-known rubber and plastic equipment and material manufacturers from Germany, the United States, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and Mainland China will focus on displaying cutting-edge technologies and equipment and raw and auxiliary materials with measurement accuracy close to the development trend. Among them, local enterprises from Xiamen: Xiamen Zhengxin Rubber Industry Co., Ltd., Xiamen Asia Pacific innovation machine Co., Ltd., Xinyue organic silicon International Trade Co., Ltd., Xiamen Lusheng rubber and Plastic Co., Ltd. will bring leading products in the industry at the exhibition. At the same time, relevant leaders of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, China Rubber Industry Association, China Plastics Machinery Industry Association, Qingdao Rubber Circulation Industry Association and other institutions will be invited to attend the opening ceremony of the exhibition. It is understood that the Thai Consulate in Xiamen, Taiwan Taipei business association, Shantou plastics chamber of Commerce, Jilin Chemical Industry Park, Guangdong Plastics Processing Industry Association will organize visiting groups to visit the exhibition according to the global regional market

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