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The first China Shanghai international packaging industry exhibition is about to open. The first "China Shanghai International Packaging Industry Exhibition" jointly sponsored by Shanghai Modern International Exhibition Co., Ltd., Shanghai Packaging Technology Association and Shanghai gray Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. will be grandly held at the New International Expo Center in Pudong, Shanghai from August 21 to 24, 2003

the exhibition has a large scale, with an exhibition area of 40000 square meters. Suction 1. The fixture equipped with the machine shall be coated with anti rust oil for storage; More than 700 enterprises from more than 10 countries, including the United States, France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, Israel, Belgium, Singapore, Malaysia and China, as well as Hong Kong and Taiwan, participated in the exhibition

operators can clearly observe the experimental process. This is the first international packaging industry exhibition approved by the Shanghai Municipal People's government after the SARS epidemic in some parts of China was effectively controlled. It is also the largest packaging industry exhibition in Asia this year, including five themes; Corrugated paper products, printing, papermaking, packaging machinery, prepress and advertising. The exhibition gathered suppliers of packaging, printing, flexo printing, gravure printing, corrugated boxes, paper products processing and manufacturing technology, equipment, consumables and base paper. Among them, Mitsubishi, Roland, ko-pack, boster, Komori, Hamada, Toyo ink, ceroody and other large international companies have seized good booths in the exhibition. The domestic Shanghai printing and packaging machinery group and beiren group also launched an offensive in the exhibition area. In order to cooperate with the exhibitors' sales strategy, the organizer also organized more than 100 professional delegations from Europe, the United States, Japan, Southeast Asia and provinces and cities across the country to visit and negotiate business through local associations and overseas organizations. Shanghai international packaging industry exhibition is ready to become bigger and stronger, build its own brand, and truly control the experimental process automatically. It has become a big trip for China and even Asia. 2. Jinan experimental machine factory Due to the large deformation of the test articles, especially the latex products, the elongation may be as high as 1000% Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the gripper has enough travel before the test sample is broken Mold professional event

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